That one guy who was on that Slap Chop Ad who got fired and put in prison for prostitution.
"I used Slap Chop until i figured out that the host of the commercial got fired for prostitution"
by Tony GuizzettiKingTG April 13, 2017
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A food-chopping device that allows you to stop having a boring tuna.
Slap Chop infomercial: "You're gonna love my nuts."
by BWallenstein May 20, 2009
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Any excessive amount of useless stuff on a person place or thing. I.E. a bunch of SLAP CHOP!!
A truck driving down the road with 2 grill guards, 5 antennas, 22 lights and a stuffed animal attached to the front... look at all that slap chop on the truck.

A black girl with way to big of nails and multiple sets of gold hoops on that match all 6 necklaces...damn that chick is wearing a lot of slap chop.

A truck full of mexicans.... truck full of slap chop.
by Odeon_Cobra May 23, 2011
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To bitch slap one on their body with a Slap Chop infomercial device.
"I Will Slap Chop You"

"Did you hear, Kevin Slap Chopped Janice"

"Did you hear about Vince Shlomi, he Slap Chopped that hooker in his South Beach hotel room!"
by Cock.Juice April 28, 2009
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As Vince in the Slap Chop infomercial says... "Slap chop your troubles away..."
by slapchopper2000 May 11, 2009
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When a stripper on the stage looks at you with her legs spread and starts slapping her vagina with her hand like the "slap-chop" vegatable cutter on the infomercial.
Did you see that chick last night hittin her pussy like a fuckin "slap-chop"! Looked like she was trying to dice a whole bag of oinions
by ERV July 11, 2011
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