a game; to kick each other in the balls over an object, last one standing wins.
Hey Pip, i'll roshambo you for that arrow head
by Eric Cartman July 7, 2003
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1) to kick or punch to the danglers, usu. proceeded by "swollen grapefruits."
2) phonetic French for "rock-paper-scissors." (The 3 friends roshamboed for the bill after wolfing down a humongous lunch at the local diner. The loser promptly paid without protest.
3) a sick game employed to determine possession of a desired object in dispute. The two individuals either punch or kick each other to the clackers until one party either succumbs to the pain and just simply
gives up, or falls to the ground. The individual who remains standing emerges victorious and wins the game and possession of the object sought after.
by weave March 27, 2003
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In modern day United States, Roshambo or Rochambeau is when two or more guys kick, punch, squeeze, or knee each other in the groin to win something (an object, money, bets, etc..) untill one of them gives up or falls down. The last one standing wins. This is a modern American twist on the game.

It is also a very old word of Egyptian origin for the child game "Paper, Sissors, Rock".

In the TV series South Park, Cartman and his friends play the game "I'll Rochambeau you for it", by kicking the opponent in the crotch. The first one to fall over loses the game. This of course means the first person to go is usually the winner. This is a way of choosing, and it's called Rochambeau.
"How about we all throw some money into a pile and see who can win it... ROSHAMBO STYLE!"
by Chris November 5, 2004
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Origin: American revolutionary war.
After: Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur,
comte de Rochambeau (1725-1807).
As a lieutenant general, comte de Rochambeau commanded the French expeditionary army sent to help the American Revolution during 1780 to 1782. His skillful leadership and professional wisdom were vital to the American-French allied victory at Yorktown in September 1781.
Rochambeau was so skilled at kicking the British's balls in battle, that his victories were called "Rochambeau's".
His name, in corrupted spelling, became slang for any number of contests or confrontation resolved by competitive nut-kicking.
Hey! I'll roshambo (Rochambeau) you for the last beer!
( etiquette usually dictates that the challenged gets first kick .. unless he's an idiot).
by Dave the Riss January 1, 2006
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paper-rock-scissors A tie breaking game or a game used to see who goes first.
by Jessse April 17, 2008
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A contest in which two guys give each other repeated kicks to their nuts.
It is the Challenge of all challenges, and the Supreme test of wills. Real men only need apply.

Rock paper scissors is first held to see who kicks first.

The first competitor to receive the THIRD kick may then call out for the Russian Gas Pedal. However, if his opponent can make it past 60 seconds of intense pain, then he may call for it right back!

Also note exceptions: Professional Roshambo, Third party Roshambo and Standard Roshambo
Tim and me both liked Jenny and really wanted to impress her. Before she came over we silently agreed to place a bet for $100 on a game of Roshambo just to impress her.

After the third kick I called out for The Russian Gas pedal and afetr 45 seconds Tim gave up, whimpering like a little girl. I won the Roshambo contest and brought Jenny out later that night. She was amazed at my tolerance for pain!
by Lex Durden July 25, 2009
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It's when 2 guys are arguing over something, and they "roshambo" for it. It goes like this, the 1st person kicks the other person in the nuts as hard as they can, and the other person kicks the 1st person in the nuts as hard as they can. Whoever goes down first loses and the other person gets the object/thing/person they were roshamboing for. *This CANNOT work with girls, it would be meaningless*
"Hey, I want the pizza!"
"I saw it first!"
"This calls for...ROSHAMBO!!!"

"Dude, i'm taking Sarah to prom."
"No, i'm taking her!"
"I am!"
"I AM!!!11"
"Why don't you retards roshambo to see who takes me?"
"Good idea."
by David717 April 29, 2008
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