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kick-ass thing that cleans ice on ice rinks
look at that zamboni go!
i wanna zamboni machine
by Mei Xian April 30, 2003
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If you party foul and spill a drink, you suck it up off the floor/table/the hot girl's tits. The nastier the floor, the harder the party should push you to zamboni. No floor is too gross to exempt you from zamboni. You often have to zamboni during beer pong or beer dice. The term originates from the device that clears and resurfaces ice skating rinks. You spilt it, so you have to clean it up, but with your mouth.
Todd tried to slap a bounce during beer pong, but knocked a cup over instead. ZAMBONI, TODD!
by pjsiqhh March 22, 2007
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Beef flaps that hangs so far down that when the girl walks she wets the floor beneath her.
After pounding Sissy into submission she proceeded to zamboni a perfect swath from my kitchen floor, to the front door.
by Flange Master M January 10, 2008
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What you do when you play Beer Pong or Beirut and the bottoms of the cups get wet to stop the cups from gliding on the table.
bro 1: "hey dude! I would have made that if there wasn't so much water under the cups!"

bro 2: "Yeah, whatever, man."

bro 1: "Zamboni that shit!"
by For The Bros December 18, 2011
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when you get finished on and you yell "Zamboni" to the guy who just busted a fat nut has to either snort his load or lick it up.
I was having a good night with Eilien until she called a "zamboni" on me.
by boneyard1 November 06, 2019
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a sexual act, Canadian in nature; 5 star difficulty due to preparation and follow through. Setting: iced pond with fresh snow. Preparation: obtain four standard sized cafeteria trays, cover with honey and place on top of ice surface. One must lore his woman/ man down to the ice outside and begin to have sexual intercourse in the doggie style position. As the woman/man begins to get in the doggie style position, be sure to have her/ him place their hands and knees on the cafeteria trays, and the honey will adhere the hands & knees to the trays. When the man has completed, he can push the woman/man away to the center of the ice, and as she/he attempts to keep their balance they begin to clean the snow from the ice. Grab your skates, stick and puck- play some hockey boys.
"Eh fellas, I'm going to take the woman down by the pond tonight and give her the ole' zamboni." "Take off, eh!" "Yeah ya hoser. I'm gonna do it, so be ready for a pick up game on clean ice fellas!
by FMA.memories.PSU October 11, 2010
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