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It's a potent drug that's prescribed to people with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, insomnia, and anxiety. It doesn't work for everyone. Your doctor will probably prescribe you 25mg to start off with. Warning- it's kind of scary the first time. This isn't like buying some sleeping aids, or taking Benadryl, or Ambien. Give it 30 min to an hour and you're going pass the f out.

For some reason, pill-pushing doctors will tell you that you can take it in the morning and at night. I've been taking it for 10 years and there's no way in hell I'm going to take it during the day. The highest I can go is 200mg. Also, talk to your doctor about prescribing you Lexapro. It's a great antidepressant match for Seroquel and you'll no longer be a demon bitch when you wake up in the mornings, because seroquel makes you a foul and crazed jerk every morning.

Let me tell you WHY I've been on it for 10 years. The bad? Because now my body doesn't know how to sleep without it. But you know what? I DON'T CARE. Why? Cause I am guaranteed a good night's rest every single night of my life. Freaking out about bills? Pass out. Work stressing you out? Pass out. Got dumped and you can't stop freaking the hell out? Pass out. Did a bunch of blow and need to work in the morning? Pass out.

You are GUARANTEED sleep, no matter what the day served you on its shitty platter.
I mean yeah, so I'm groggy in the mornings. But you know what? I slept.
Seroquel saved my damn life...
by Cpromiset September 22, 2015
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Since there are many negative reviews of this medicine on UrbanDictionary I would like to add my opinion.
I take a relatively low dose of 150-300 mg at 8pm every night to help me fall a sleep at 10pm and to help me sleep a full night.

This medicine has helped me A LOT during the 2 years that I've taken 150-300 mgs/night because I can now live without any sleep issues. I do not experience any downsides, I am not sleepy during the day, I have no problems concentrating or focusing on the tasks at hand and I wake up well rested and ready for the day after 6-9 hours of sleep depending on when my alarm goes off.

I too have experienced the downsides of Seroquel but only when I was taking 600mgs or more. My symptoms at that time was dizzyness, somnolence, fainting, tachycardia and irregular heartbeat. You should be aware that this could happen when taking Seroquel!

As every other drug/medicine this should be used with caution and you should be aware of what your body is experiencing but this is not a horrible drug, it works for many people (including me when I got the dosage right) and PLEASE, don't trust just one review of this medicine, talk to your physician, to others who have had experience taking Seroquel and it could end up helping you.
seroquel quetiapine ketipinor xeroquel schizophrenia bipolar disorder
by Zelazzie January 27, 2013
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Trade name for Quetiapine, a moderately potent second-generation antipsychotic drug. At therapeutic doses it is effective in the relief of pychoses both chronically and acutely. This drug also possesses mood stabilising and antidepressant properties, and trials have shown its efficacy in the treatment of both the manic and depressive phases of bipolar disorders and cyclothymia.

Seroquel also possesses anxiolytic qualities and is prescribed for some anxiety disorders.

Despite the absence of euphoria, or any physical rush, seroquel does have street value particularly in prisons where it is highly valued for its sedating properties. Some members of the public use seroquel to attenuate comedowns from amphetamines and stimulants.

Despite hearsay, it is not addictive, although a withdrawal syndrome does exist and the drug must be stopped gradually. The drug does not cause cancer.

Side effects include weight gain, somnolence and ataxia. EPSP is rare.
Ben's life has improved since he was started on Seroquel.
by MrKapper Is Back December 13, 2012
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This pill is most certainly not the shit. I don't know how this drug has such a modern image when it's complete shit. The side effects I can't really comment on, except for one: sedation. If your doctor put you on this he seriously wants you to stfu. This drug makes people so tired it's insanity. 100mg of this and you'll drift off for hours. It might help if you can't sleep but be aware it's addicting. They don't put this on the label, but I'm 100% certain the body becomes dependant on it for sleep. If you can't get it, then you'll lie awake in a manic state all night. The best way to deal with this, is to take some antihistamine sleeping pills, and very slowly try to take yourself off them. I'm sure the drug company is aware how dependant people get and is making alot of money of people who got suckered and now take it just to sleep. It probably causes weightgain to, and there's some evidence it can cause cataracts. If you hear the drug name seroquel, realize that it's a drug which even in small doses will cause people to become snowed. If there's any youths out there who have parents making them take these mickey mouse drugs, then trust me on one thing; deal with your objection to your forced treatment now instead of when you're on your own. There is nothing modern about this drug, it's used to shut people up. This drug is so potent I'm sure it could be used to make people pass out. If I could go back to when I was taking this drug, I would have gave a dose to my dad and watched him pass the fuck out. The reality is, that no one will believe you about the sedation unless they experience it. They had me driving on this shit and I was fucked up. Oh and there's nothing enjoyable about being this tired, it's not relaxing!!
Please don't vote about this definition until you've taken at least 150mg of this drug or else you're probably still believing the marketing lies.
The youth was being questioning of authority's so the school decided he should be shut the fuck up; they gave him seroquels.
by Jake99 September 05, 2007
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A drug that only idiots would take recreationally. If you enjoy getting high off this drug please never try anything else because you clearly will get addicted to anything you try. Basically the "high" is just getting extremely drowsy and not that opiate benzo like drowsy. You literally just feel tired but mentally you are still normal so it's just irritating. If you feel euphoric off this you are probably experiencing the placebo effect. It's only recreational use would be helping ease the comedown off hard drugs like meth, cocaine, ecstasy act.
stupid wanna be cool drug addict: Yoo homie I just got so fucked up off seroquel.
Friend: You are retarded.
by bentley666 January 15, 2013
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A common anti-psychotic. One of the many “keep you quiet” drugs frequently prescribed to both the mentally ill and patients who are in drug and alcohol treatment facilities (rehab).

From the website: “Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are two different mental disorders that affect millions of people in the United States. Seroquel
is a psychotropic medication shown to be effective in the treatment of many symptoms of schizophrenia, as well as in the treatment of acute mania associated with bipolar I disorder.”
“Rocco used to be really hyper and twitchy, but now that the Doc’s got him on Seroquel, he’s real mellow and much more fun to hang with.”

"According to any of the patients I've talked to in the rehab unit, Seroquel makes the withdrawl symptoms much less harsh than the old days of the Methadone clinics."
by Nurse Kitten August 19, 2005
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