I'm going to hit up this biddie for some dosage later.
by TreLSolo September 12, 2011
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Youd better not be having youre dosages right now....
by whatthehello February 8, 2005
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A word that encompasses all that was awesome about the 80's, despite the fact that it was never actually used in the 80's. It can only be used when someone is very excited. Origin unknown, Luke Savage in Michigan takes credit. Your mom.
Did you see Carl spank your mom? That was HEAVY DOSAGE!
by SavageDosage June 26, 2010
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An extended amount of time with tiresome inlaws.
Yes mother Cratchet. The two weeks of vacation with you and dad, in the cottage, with your cats and birds was heavy dosage, despite the constant rain and occasional visits by the elderly neighbors.
by coe coe December 30, 2011
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An exclamation replacing words like: 'Awesome!'; 'Sweet!'; 'Rad!'; 'Bodacious!'; and, etc. Can also be used when you hit your thumb with a hammer or other painful events that require quick thinking when around children. Replaces all cuss words brilliantly. Its use started in the late 1990s but fizzled out until social media gave it a boost of HEAVY DOSAGE! Check out the official HEAVY DOSAGE! fan page on Facebook. Origin is Lee Higginbottom.
HEAVY DOSAGE! I just won the lottery!
You're so full of HEAVY DOSAGE!
by LeeHiggy July 21, 2010
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The process of consuming the appropriate quantity of cod liver oil for the upcoming colonoscopy
Man, this awful procedure is heavy dosage!
by coe coe December 31, 2011
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If someone is acting really stupid or crazy, they need their medication increased to calm them down or make them more at ease. Can also be use to describe a person who is acting stupid or silly.
Can also be :Up Your Dosage, Up Their Dosage, Up Her Dosage, Etc.
Joe:"Wow, He is acting really wild."
Sam:"Yeah, I guess they need to up his dosage. Keep him calm, or something."
Joe:"Get him some Prozac."
by Scott Iorillo March 15, 2007
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