methadone is used to treat pain and help heroine addicts stay clean and not suffer from withdrawal.
Robert went to the methadone clinic to get his dose.
by rjwooten January 2, 2018
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An opiate that blocks the high from drugs like heroin. You'll still feel something but you will not feel that same high and you will not need more.

Metadone does not give the user a high but rather a "glow". That same fuzzy feeling without the rush. Although, mixed with xanax methadone can be deadly (in high doses) and can cause a heroin like high. Which is one reason methadone has gotten a lot of negative publicity and has been deverted to the streets.

Many Drs. are opting to put pain patients on methadone to get out of pricey lawsuits from oxycontin.

Used in place of Rx drug addiction and heroin.

An addict can get methadone for free by going on BHL or welfare, by checking into a clinic. Most clinic have waiting list but will take on as many as a few 1000 patients at one time. It is all given to addicts more discretely through a medical doctor.

Has become very popular with chronic pain patients.

Negative side effects: 1/2 month withdrawal, sweating, and loss of libido.

Not a short term answer for addiction.
I was addicted for 3 years and got my life back through methadone.
by L0VE August 3, 2008
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A highly potent (even small doses) narcotic used to wean heroine addicts (& the like).

Made it's way to the streets & BEWARE!! People will LIE & say it is the equivalant of lesser drugs such as Loratab or Darvocet, but it is not. It can be FATAL & it will make you effing miserable!!
I believed some chick that gave me a teaspoon of liquid methadone for pain (when I couldn't afford my pain prescription after breaking my arm) because she said it was the same as Loratab, however, what I really took was a teaspoonful of bitter shit that resulted in two days of nausea, constant vomiting, no appetite, extreme lethargy & becoming terrified. I'll take the arm pain instead!!!!! :/ :(
by saynotodrugsppl January 14, 2012
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Its also used to treat extreme pain, usually in Cancer patients. Methadone is usually prescribed after other narcotic agents are proven to be innafective. Its usually prescribed in large doses, usually 120 pills to be taken 4 times a day.
Oxcontin didn't work for Mr. Jones, so his doctor prescribed Methadone.
by Krondo February 28, 2005
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a potent opioid based narcotic used to treat moderate to severe pain;not to be injected,however,used to treat people who are withdrawing from other narcotics(Heroin,Dilaudid,Percocet ect...)
Stans doctor prescribed him Methadone when all other options had failed to control his Pain.

Martha checked into the Methasdone clinic to wean herself off of Heroin.
by brimoose09 October 14, 2005
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A synthetic opiate intended to replace opiate based prescriptions or street drugs, so that an individual can be slowly weaned off and avoid withdrawal symptoms.
Often used as a fix between fixes. Its not uncommon for an addict to be on methadone and still using they're drug of choice.
The doctor put me on methadone because I'm having trouble getting of my meds for my back.

I don't have any cash until my pogey comes in, so I'm going to go get my methadone drink.
by -30- May 15, 2005
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A potent synthetic narcotic drug that is less addictive than morphine or heroin and is used as a substitute for these drugs in addiction treatment programs.
Bob is trying to stop shooting heroin by going to the methadone clinic.
by animosity March 5, 2004
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