when one drinks too much and becomes extremely intoxicated to the point of no return; blackout drunk
chad: dude did she how drunk she was tonight ??
brad: ya bro that bitch was drowsyyy
by emzdmz October 27, 2019
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Used to describe something that was lame, boring, or lacked excitement.
-How was the party last night?
-Meh, it was pretty drowsy.
by dollface1107 April 14, 2008
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adjective: to get drowsy
-Could act as a term for high from marihuana use.

-Could also be used when tired and excited at the same time.

-Doing fun things with friends while tired late at night.
getting drowsy

man, i was so drowsy
by fanair777 November 2, 2012
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His name is Drowsy on some days.
by Drowsy[Ryan] March 19, 2010
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When something is funny or when someone say something stupid
When someone laugh is ugly

by ObeyAid3n October 31, 2019
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A method of suicide where one chases a fewe oxycodones with liquor before putting his/her ass over their head (satellite dish position), bulldogging a bottle of NyQuil rectally, and masturbating furiously to achieve orgasm before brain death. So named because one'side face will have the same blank expression as Terri Schiavo before the court ordered her feeding tube removed when their body is discovered.
After JI'm lost his job, life savings, wife, kids, and house in the divorce, he decided to pull a Drowsy Schiavo and get beamed up like Anton Yelchin.
by Mjolnir12982 August 31, 2016
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Falling asleep or nodding off while operating a motor vehicle. Can lead to accidents, and is as dangerous as drunk driving.
Reporter: "Drowsy driving has become a big safety problem on our highways."

"My friend works a lot of hours, and is always tired. I tried to make him aware of the drowsy driving issue."
by yes juanito yes October 22, 2014
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