What a Southerner suffers when he moves to the North.
"I'm miissin' ya'll s' muuch. I have suuch withdrawl"
by Aratus1111110 January 20, 2010
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Attempts by people from the American South to disguise their accents (drawl) so as to gain respect from Northerners.
Billy Bob's withdrawl paid off: as soon as he dropped his Southern accent, his Northern employers accepted his application.
by displacingbiases May 23, 2007
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Related with persons means : dependence.
The feeling you really need that person when you cant be without him/her.

Related with drungs or/and alcohol means: addictive.
Psychological problem when you cant stop taking it.
1.- Related with persons.

I'm thinking ,I have withdrawls of you , baby.

2.- Related with alchohol

I can't take anymore with this withdrawals, It's driving me crazy
by eKoHeaven December 29, 2006
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The horrible empty and longing feeling one gets when they come home from home from a CISV programme. Symptoms include google imaging your campsite, not speaking to non-CISV friends, excessive chocolate-eating, looking at your CISV pictures, and giving lots and lots and lots of hugs.
Random kid: Hey friend! How was that peace camp trip to Italy?

CISVer: Man, don't talk to me. I'm going through CISV withdrawl.
by AmeliaJane February 3, 2009
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After a great concert that you've been looking forward to, you might experience concert withdrawl. It can come as soon as a couple hours after the concert, and can last for days or weeks.
see concert
Kate experienced concert withdrawl after the big concert and meeting The Maine.
by Kateybaby122 September 1, 2008
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The rather depressed and aloof state of mind that comes after the party and fun of a convention.
That poor guy, he's going through Con Withdrawl.
by OTYS September 2, 2008
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A feeling of loss, sadness, loneliness or emptiness following a NFTY event.

Not being able to look at pictures on facebook without bursting into tears.

The fear of listening to "Save Tonight" or "Wonderwall" in front of your friends because you don't want to break down and cry.

Wearing your NFTY shirt so much that the letters begin to fade.
mom- sweetie what's wrong?
girl- NFTY is over for the year.
mom- well why don't you come down to dinner.
girl- i don't feel like doing anything right now.
mom- must be going through NFTY withdrawl.
by Live it and die N-F-T-Y April 27, 2009
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