Garbage drug (dud) that doctors describe for you when they don't like you or when you are mentally ill or in rehab. It is not even good medicine for mentally ill people as it is uneffective and too sedative for day use.

Seroquel (non-XR) is short-acting (half-life 7h) meaning that receptors open and close all the time and this can cause damaging serotonin peaks in brain. Higher doses (>150mg) reduces bood flow to brain and lower doses increases it but if seroquel IR is taken once daily (as sleep aid) adrenergic receptors open and close all the time causing damaging fluctuations to blood/oxygen supply (to brain) and damage to bood vessels. Quick changes ind dosage are problematic because adrenergic system is now oversensitive causing further blood circulation problems to brains and organs (vasoconstriction).

Overall the drug just doesn't work well. All antidepressants used for sleep have usually much longer half-life. Adrenergic drugs must be stoppen gradually.

Use proper alpha blockers+antihistamine or antidepressant instead of seroquel. Extremely low doses (<25mg) can be used as antihistamine but why not use proper antihistamine instead.
He became even more retarted after he tried to stop seroquel.
She couldn't sleep at all after stopping seroquel.
by slpnght January 03, 2011
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seroquil is a drug thats suppose to help people not here voices but many thugs gangsters and prisioners use this medicine as a street drug like extascy etc.
prision slang :do you got that you know what i mean (seroquel)

street/prison slang: Im trying too get high where the hell is the seroquil.
by regardless devon victory May 03, 2008
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Supposedly an antipsychotic that can be used as legal replacement for ecstasy at low dosages or heroine, and Oxycontine at moderate dosages. Knocks the hell out of you at over 300 mg. It's very addictive, and produces synasthesia light show visuals, music takes an entire different meaning, as do colors. Makes you not care about anything, namely the "keep quiet drug", unless you mix with alcohol, in which case you may get anxiety, heart-beat issues. People do get suicidal once addicted though.

The thing is, it's as addictive as heroine or Oxycontin, and the withdrawal is equally as bad. You have to be sedated to come off, or take GABA powder to offset the anxiety, OCD, coprolalia, itchiness, insomnia, chills, nightsweats, cataracts, hot flashes, migraine, depression, loss of appetite, dehydration, bowels constriction, throwing up, nausea, dizziness, moodiness, heart rate speeding up/down issues. Also the symptoms may come and go for up to 2 years. Smoke marijuana and/or cigars to get over the withdrawal, both really do help. If you can't do cigars, just stick with some mellow marijuana, otherwise, you will feel like crap. I smoked pot until I could completely get off it. Thankfully, I have never touched the stuff again, and don't ever want to. It's too addictive.
Quell me now Suse, Seroquel. Synasthesia visualization, Salvadori Dali Seroquel visions.
by G983 June 05, 2011
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I took it once accidentally as a young naive seeker of euphoria, and in my ignorance I somehow mistook it for loritab or codeine, something like that. I slept for at least 20 hours and when I woke up I was utterly disoriented and useless for damn near another full day. I remember it so vividly as one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life and I cannot comprehend its common use and/or popularity. Keep in mind I am a recovering heroin addict and have tried pretty much everything, and was on 100 mg of methadone for an extended period. And no seroquel does not help withdrawals, methadone certainly does, but is evil for entirely different reasons. Its just a longer,sneakier, legal kind of sickness. Please don't ever take seroquel for any reason. It is nothing but pharmaceutical genocide, and god bless you if you need strong treatment for psychotic disorders, but seroquel is not medicine, its poison. To the most recent commentator, I would seriously recommend a strong opiate or Benzo before seroquel. I hate to say it, but its true. Peace love and strong drugs.....
Seroquel is a scam, just like star wars. And lithium jam
by Velvet intravenicus June 19, 2018
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