Since the top definition isn't accurate I'm going to use this as a comment.

Seroquel is addictive, if i just all of a sudden stop taking it i get withdrawals, but if you are having problems with the sleep part of it, ask to take it at night and then a really low dose in the morning. But other than that its pretty much a neutral medication, it works for some people, but its super fucking hard to find a medication that works for people with mood disorders that aren't unipolar (like depression), so bipolar people have to try a lot of stuff
Yeah, Seroquel doesn't work for me, but my cousin really liked it.
by Chloehatespeople October 06, 2017
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The definition of this medication should be "walking dead." After taking it, you're either asleep for 24 hours or more (never less) or awake in a drunken state without actually consuming any alcohol. It feels terrible. You can't tell if you need to sleep, if you're wide awake, if you're hungry, if you're sick, if you're dizzy, if you have a migraine, if you're about to die, or if you have a brain aneurysm. If any of these things sound fun to you, then you should definitely try it. Wads of confuzzled fucking fun.
This Seroquel knocked me out for 4 days and even though I'm awake, I still feel like I'm sleeping.
by Momentish November 11, 2013
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A supposed mood-stabilizer (or anti-psychotic, at 800+ mgs) that seems to function by making people too tired to be emotional.
Seroquel is half the reason my rehab had to rush my limp body to the hospital one eventful morning.
by frenchyexplode June 14, 2010
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Prescription drug (Quetiapine), that have sometimes been used to "come down" off amphetamines. When used in this manner the slang term "downer" is often applied.

Street name: "quell" or also "Suzie-Q"
-Where are those Suzie-Q's(Seroquel)!?! the party is over and i'm working tommorow morning.

-Hey bro, Score me some Quell's (Seroquel) as well, i don't feel like staying up for 3 days again.
by Jonnh'e Machine May 28, 2008
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This drug will be responsible for numerous deaths as it is based on the petrochemical compound dibenzo pyrene which is extremely hazardous and carcenogenic. What was Astra Zeneca thinking? Their psychopathic scientists and business executives decided on exterminating people for a buck.
Some people have no rights so they are forced to take shit like seroquel and told it is for their own good.
by deviant abuser February 29, 2008
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This drug contains DIBENZOA,IPYRENE which causes cancer in adition to diabetes and obesity. This drug is another example of psychiatric genocide.
Some people got an apology and a country out of the holocaust while others got zyprexa and seroquel.
by agiprop February 02, 2008
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a damn good pill to get in trade when a neighbor owes you, say 10 dollars.
by freddie kruger August 18, 2003
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