The very definition of cool. This kind of kid never does anything that will make him look like a nerd and always tries to take credit for everything that is anything. This kid will deny ever Playing World of Warcraft to boost his public popularity and will flipp if anyone says he did. He will have very specifc friends and Acquaintances and he has a best friend called Naveed.
Guy 1: Hey look, its sellers
Guy 2: ..... He is such a cool kid with his best mate Naveed
by Volbanyx November 25, 2010
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This little padowan has the sexual stamina of a whale. After a stressing day at college, he goes home for a power wank with vaseline handy. He uses pictures of a girl he once met at a bonfire to keep him 'stood to attention'. He also visits the world of warcraft to engage in conversation with milfs and gays alike, both giving im tips on how to reach new levels of sensation, one being sticking his finger up his anus as he reaches climax.
guy 1: hey sellers, what are you doing after college
sellers: im going home to experiment with myself

naveed: i can flilm it and put it on a disk for you
sellers: many thanks, that would be great, then we can play diablo III together
by conrooy November 25, 2010
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Someone who is extremely annoying because all they do is complain about everything all the time.
Guy 1: Where is Joe at?

Guy 2: Who cares, who wants to hang out with a sellers anyway?
by Richard Pumpernickel December 23, 2009
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Young good looking male with the uncontrollable desire to suck well endured penis and he swallows. Sellers won't admit it but he gets a hard on by fat chicks and any blonde haired blue eyed tall man.
Fathers tell their sons..stay away from them sellers.
by Frogballs November 6, 2010
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A woman whose job is to make sandwiches for men, especially Micky.
Woman, a.k.a. Sellers, make me sandwich!
by Michael (Micky) May 28, 2006
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a cool kid who doesnt involve himself in things that will make him look uncool, and who touches himself whilst looking at computers made by the brand 'Excalibur'.
guy 1: wow what a cool kid
guy2: yeah, he's such a sellers
by conroooy November 22, 2010
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a person who is aware of something, but chooses to either ignore it or lie about it; a lair or a fraud

comes from the saying that a watermelon seller does not know if the watermelon is ripe or not but promotes them regardless. it gained notoriety when it was attributed to the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who is described to be a crook and fraud.
Now lets talk about that 'watermelon seller' Erdogan, he sold me a basket of Apples knowing they'd be rotten on the inside.
by beluga_fish October 10, 2020
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