someone who tell lies in order to impress or catch up pepole´s attention.
"You couldn´t have lied like that! you´re an smoke seller"
"That player said he is the best in the world. He must be an smoke seller"
by memrin November 30, 2016
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Someone who pimps out male prostitutes.
WOODY: What's the name of that new Peter Seller? The one who owns "Gigalos2Go"?

DICK: Goes by the name of Roger Moore.
by Peter Eaton June 3, 2006
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Those damn self-sellers walk the streets at night trying to fuck our men
by scraightscreet July 15, 2010
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1. The opposite of a silly feller
2. A seller of filly
Are you a silly feller or a filly seller
by heinous peinous February 4, 2023
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When someone sells big time. To lose a opportunity when it is right in front of them. When they throw a win. (Usually happens with a mf named Zack or David)
Zack is the biggest seller. He lost the gulags and is bottom frag.
by Asianbv November 9, 2021
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A game that is so damn good that you go out of your way to buy an entire console for the sole purpose of playing that game.
Spiderman is such a system seller, but I'm so broke.
by RashHD June 11, 2020
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