To express your feelings about a situation in an annoying manor all the time.
Shelby- "my back hurts", "my toe hurts","i dont what tacos for dinner"

Marc- no body cares, shut the hell up and stop complaining.
by kuchi_kuuu August 31, 2011
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verb: to indirectly indicate (usually verbally) that you are either unwilling or unable to find a solution.
noun: an indirection (usually verbally) that you are either unwilling or unable to find a solution.
He kept complaining about things he hat the power to change.
by tithos December 18, 2014
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1- to say that you are annoyed, not satisfied, or unhappy about something or someone
2-used to say that a situation is satisfactory, even though there may be a few problems
3-to express
1-Residents are complaining because traffic in the area has increased.
2-I make a good living. I can't complain.
3-Dr M.K complains "we don't have any light reading"
by mahmood.Kia December 6, 2013
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Her: When I did not write for you because I was busy, you complained, correct?
Him: Correct!
Her: When I wrote a lot for you, you complained that you don't have time to go through my posts because there are too many, correct?
Him: Yepp, correct!!!😂

Her: When I chased you, ran around from mountain down to ocean just to find you, you complained and pushed me away, correct?
Him: Correct..🥺
Her: When I respected your wish to be left alone, and I just siliently watched you from a distance through those apps including this, you complained that you want "offline, please do something, disclose, do it, try again until you feel happy with the results", correct?
Him: Correct....🙄
Her: Now, if I don't hug you, you will complain saying that I don't nurture you well, that we are not bestie — "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini", correct?
Him: Correct! 😎
Her: So, if I hug you all day long and all night long and don't let you go, you will still complain that you don't want to be obsessed over, correct?
Him: Corr..ect... :)
Her: Jin, you are too much... I will file a complaint to your heart that you've complained too much and that I can lock you in my heart.
Him: I promise I won't complain...

🦦 March 03, 2022
by Wanderlust® April 20, 2023
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A type of person whose only way of speaking is through non stop complaining. We all know someone like this, and we all hate someone like this. Beware a complainer, because once they find a vent they won't let that person go until they are a complainer themselves. Ironically the first symptom of becoming a complainer is complaining about a complainer who complained to you about something so miniscule it could not even be called a complaint unless of course it comes out of a complainer's mouth. As you can see I really hate complainers, and actually by defining this I myself am becoming a complainer...OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!
Me:Hey man whats up? Did you have a good breakfast?
Complainer:Good breakfast? Let me tell you about my good breakfast. First I slipped on a sock getting out of bed which caused me to slightly graze my shoulder, and then of course I almost, ALMOST, tripped down the stairs, thank god my brothers fucking dirty laundry which I asked him to take care of yesterday was there on the stairs to start the whole tripping fiasco, thats how my brekfast was!!!
Complainer: I had Pop-Tarts by the way.
by Blake Donahue December 22, 2005
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a complainer is someone who excessively complains yet is well aware of it. they loudly notice/complain about what everyone else secretly complains about. they merely speak for the multitude.
A: "You're such a complainer."
B: "Be glad."
by Parissa October 2, 2006
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