A small smelly penis, synome for something short
Oh my god, I couldn't feel anything, he had an Erdogan. Was it a long trip? No, it was an Erdogan
by batmads April 20, 2016
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An Atatürk-wannabe also known as Hitler in disguise. He is the sole ruler of a country who deny genocide and still feel entitled to self-victimization and calling Germans Nazis when they themselves have proven to be very imperialistic. He loves to send his army to different countries in order to show power that he will not have once a country will take his threats serious. He financially helps Terrorists and hurts innocent civilians based on race theory. Not every Turks likes him, must be because his brainwashing doesn't work like it did in 1930.
"Erdogan again financially helping Isis destroying Syria and making people lose their homes and family"
by hagiasofiaisachurch September 10, 2021
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Erdogan is a Turkish politician who has been prime minister and is now president. Contrary to popular beliefe Erdogan is not the sole ruler in Turkey nor does he have absolute authority. Erdogan is a social conservative put is fiscally centrist, being for a free market and low taxes but also wanting to provide social services for the common folk. Erdogan is somewhat authoritarian, this is true, though in his defense his country has always been that way, the difference being that NGO's ruled the nation before hand.
Erdogan has been critized recent years due to economic decrease, those critical people are often young and miss the fact that Erdogan increased the country's purchasing power by 350 percent in the last 20 years.
by @mrkulci October 16, 2020
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A piece of compacted fecal matter wedged in the male urethra during unprotected anal intercourse.
I heard the prime minister of Turkey got an erdogan while barebacking a goat.
by rawgoatcheese April 27, 2016
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A democratic government's process of becoming radically oppressive, which is formed by people who represents formerly oppressed. Reasons for which may differ among being in power for too long, to the fear of "if I don't oppress them, they'll surely oppress me".
- Have you heard the news? PM of Canada just threatened journalists covering the protest with jail time.

+ Wow, I guess the Erdoganization of the world is really inevitable...
by thebigOR February 19, 2022
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1 -- N. A turkish guy or girl that took a hurtful cock in the ass.
2 -- N. A turkish guy that you made dumbass.
Julian said me : "I sold him a flower pot for 50 dollars. He's so a mustarded Erdogan !"

"Oh yes !! Make me become a mustarded Erdogan !! Yesss !!
by Kazraël November 26, 2016
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