A drug dealer. Refers to the dream like state in which drugs put one after one smokes, snorts, injects, swallows, or freebases said drugs.
Oh my god, that funky ass shit my dream seller sold me was super duper dank-o-licious.
by Greg Treebury November 13, 2005
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omg u r teh gil sellar lol. OMFG step teh gilz sell.
by robert February 20, 2005
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A group of Sellers that are closely affiliated with one another. Usually, sets of sellers will help each other sell others and are loyal. If anyone in a set of Sellers sells another set seller then they will be sold out of the set. Seller sets are sub groups in Seller gangs.
"Damn, the Southsus Sellers sold us again! I hate Seller sets."
by Willoesd April 16, 2021
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when you are extremely awesome and give hasan bro hugs
Burke Sellers is so Burke Sellers.
by Ricoissexy August 23, 2011
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A term originated by one Mr FandL describing wankers who list a few books on Ebay, Amazon or Abebooks. By doing this they perceive that they suddenly have the status of Maggs Brothers.
An upper middle class housewife from Kent lists her husband's library of law books on abebooks for £1.00 each and tells all her friends that she is an antiquarian bookseller. When husband finds his rare and valuable collection on the shelves of Maggs brothers the wife is found strangled on the side of the road. An example of what happens to a vanity seller.
by Once an abe lover April 11, 2006
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1. A drug dealer

2. A smooth operating male that seeks to impress females by giving them false promises, referring to the girl as 'sweetheart', 'honey' and 'babe'.

3. Brandon Novak's nickname.
1. A dream seller got arrested.

2. The dream seller picked up a cutie by saying he was going to marry her and get them a house in the mountains.

3. The Dream Seller told a funny story on radio bam last monday.
by goodfeel April 15, 2006
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1. A person who sells potions.
2. An amazing and emotional video created through the use of Apple's photobooth.
1. The guy bought a potion from the sketchy looking potion seller.
2. Urban Dictionary forced me to write a definition on the term potion seller.
by ……..........………… February 16, 2016
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