drug dealer, state of being happy, fucked up real bad, being druged up and liking it
Dam did u see nick that dream seller.
by Nick Chester November 1, 2006
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Having the money, the girls and the house while balling and living your own way, selling everything and anything, not caring about anything more, just money.
Mike: Sell my friends stuffz here!

John: You can't sell our stuff!

Mike: Idc i can do everything i want, im Based Sellers.
by BallingMike July 5, 2013
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A person who uses internet auction sites and selling sites to sell their second hand stuff
Wow! I've made a shed load of money by becoming a digital seller

"A digital seller, in the digital age"
by wayne1977 September 19, 2017
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A beautiful goddess. She will do anything for anyone. She will cast you under her spell and you’ll never stop thinking about her. Anyone who comes in contact with her, falls in love. Head over heals.
Man #1: Do you know Nichole Sellers?
Man #2: Yeah I’m so in love with her!
Man #1: NO I AM!
by Youdabomb.com March 24, 2019
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A person who does not use the internet auction sites or selling sites to sell their second hand goods. They prefer to be ripped off by getting bottom dollar for their goods at car boot sales, trunk sales etc.
Hey, those analogue sellers are never gonna get rich by standing in that field selling to the immigrants at bottom dollar

"An analogue seller in a digital selling world"
by wayne1977 September 19, 2017
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A person that sells their nudes online secretly. Sometimes with a different name.
“I’m looking for a secret seller to buy nudes from”
by iconicvirgin December 21, 2021
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Not being able to sell something; product, item, service, etc. for a long period of time. (Can be retail sales or personal ad sales)

(Similar to a writer's block, but in relation to sales.)
I haven't been able to sell my iPod on Craigslist for 1 month now! I must be having a seller's block.
by Cloaked September 17, 2010
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