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A private and comfortably furnished room where men can go to be men. The modern day equivalent of a smoking lounge, the lair is a retreat for guys to be free of the manners and innuendos of mixed company. Women in groups are forbidden from the lair, but it may also frequently provide a private site for seduction. A good modern lair is outfitted with a sound system, large speakers, a television, and gaming equipment.
"Hey are you hangin out with Alicia tonight?"
"Nah, tonight I just want to chill in the lair with the guys."
by jacenmango April 04, 2010
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A stupid b***h that likes to do what he or she wants To do and never listens to anybody else and they need to quit partying a lot and they have too many friends and they’re fake and they will go to jail and then will get the famous and rich
Hey don’t hang with LAIR he or she party’s to much and they get in trouble a lot
by Big bitty Bitch June 14, 2020
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Typically describing a person with a gentle, nuturing nature. Strong-willed, brave, gentle and kind. Reliable and trustworthy, a Lairs will not let you down. Siren.

Warning: A Lairs can be extremely beautiful. Calling forth an unimaginable power that no one will be able to reckon with.
Lairs are often compared to: Angels, Joan of Arc, Goddess
by regina_filange69 November 12, 2009
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the abode of the sex panther, this is the place they can be found, one adventures to a lair in search of the one that will surfice the needs of the individual.
One should go to a lair in order to find the Sex Panther, Let's go to the lair where there is the best selection.
by KaraJ April 08, 2007
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Super cool place to bring OLs and OL referrals in order to fuck them.
Typically consits of 42+ LCD TV, gaming console, good stereo system, leather couch, alcohol, trivial pursuit, cards, and other cool things.
Odds are against OLs versus OGs when they enter the lair. Typically they are seduced into sexual acts of enjoyment.
Guy you bringing this new OL to the lair?
Yeah man I think it's a shoe in to fuck her.
Dude let's BOA her instead, it will be roof.
You the know the rule, once an OL is in the lair they can never get out.
by benoitbarnes December 07, 2008
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