When little kids learn "grown up" words/customs, thanks to the INTERNET.
A way to explain how the kid knows to another baffled elder.
Little Timmy: I know what masturbation is!
John: Dude, how does your 7 year old brother know this?!
Bob: Yeah, internet says hello.
by Tsunami Chris August 7, 2007
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aka "bonjourno"
to perform cunnilingus
to go down on a girl
"Take off your pants. I'd like to say hello in italian."
"Then he said hello in italian to me, and I had 3 orgasms"
by max May 13, 2004
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Used to express criticism or disregard, aimed at the ultra-religious (see bible thumper) more specifically at extreme views from obscure Protestant sects. Usually said with compassion but can also be derogatory. See piss off
Them: We dont need to care for the world, Jesus will save us before anything bad happens

You: Science shows the way we have been living is unsustainable and we need to change that to survive. Even your own Holy Book tells you take care of the planet, so I'm just gunna assume you lost a few screws in your head. Please get some help. Oh and BTW the Pope says hello.
by Treml May 28, 2020
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When someone says this to you, it means they either have a total crush on you, because you are so hot, or that they need to talk about something important, such as, oh I don't know, breakup, children, marriage, eating healthy, you name it!
Boyfriend:'Hey babe, just came to say hello.'
Boyfriend:'What's wrong, hon?'
by DelaneyMayMay March 27, 2015
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A more polite/less vulgar way of telling someone to "go to hell" even though the overwelmingly strong sentiment to cuss them out completely is still there.

Comes from the fact that if there is actually a hell, then Adolf Hitler is most certainly there burning to a crisp.
Brad: "Well, ma'am, since this toaster you sold me was a total lemon, I'd like my money back."

Customer Rep: (Sarcastically) "Well, if you wouldn't have misused it, you wouldn't be here right now begging for your money back!"

Brad: "Bitch, I don't know who pissed in your cornflakes this morning, but as far as I'm concerned, you can go say hello to Adolf for me. Just give me my fuckin' money!"
by dookeyboy February 17, 2011
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What Tony Montana, aka Scarface, screams as he blasts the door with his "little friend."
"Joo wanna play rough?! Okay!
Shay ello to my lil frien!!!!!"
by Bobby De Niro December 12, 2004
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