Heroes of Newerth - a standalone game based on Defense of the Ancients implemented on the Savage 2 game engine. Currently in closed beta.
I raped some noobs in HoN today.
by mystake September 24, 2009
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It is a shorted form for "Go on" It is said as an expression of approval over a situation (similar to well done) or as a word of encouragement.
Guy1 "I drank my weight in beer last night"
Guy's friends" Hon the man!"

At a sporting event "Hon the <insert team name>!"
by teaisformugs January 02, 2012
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Traveling into Baltimore city, dundalk and essex areas of Maryland the language becomes exaggerated and sometimes unbearable to hear. Elongated words and a twang can shock and disgust most who are not used this from of english. Though most Baltimorians stand proud and continue using the word.
I'm from B-more Hon!
by Bmoregypsy March 08, 2005
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A female from the Hampden or Highlandtown neighborhoods of Baltimore. Generally women do nor reach hon status until they are over 40. She is either 30 lbs overweight or 30 lbs underweight. Her teeth are crooked or missing. She wears a bathrobe all day (known in hon land as a housecoat). She may have curlers in her hair in broad daylight. Maybe even at the Motor Vehicles Administration when she has her picture taken for her driver's license. She smokes. She may have an oxygen tank that she pulls along with her dog when she takes him for a stroll. If she does have a dog, its a Pitbull. If she doesn't, she has numerous cats who all hang out on her front porch. She lives in a rowhouse with her husband who is probably a lot skinner than her. Her porch and front yard are intensely decorated with all manner of statuettes---trolls, Virgin Marys, pink flamingos are hon favorites. There is probably some sort of shrine to the Orioles or the Ravens as well and a birdbath and some seasonal items. She speaks loudly and with an Xtreme Bawlmore accent. Do not not let her appearance and manner of speaking scare you. She is as sweet as pie. She'll call YOU "hon" and if you're from Bawlmore, you'll wave and say "How you doin Deelores?" to which she'll reply something along the lines of "Can't complain hon. Can't complain."

Her forbears were immortalized by John Waters in the Movie "Hair Spray." Please see the movie for further honformation.
Two hons talking to one another (see honversation)

"Hey hon, Where's Elmer?"
"He's downna Royal Farm Store getting a soda hon"
"Hon, if you see him tell him I's lookin for em"
"Okay hon"
"Thanks hon"
by Maryland Holly February 21, 2014
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A third-person possessive pronoun used when the gender of a person is unknown or when the person is a blend of genders such as a transvestite.
by Jeff Jencks January 28, 2008
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