The majority of individuals on Urban Dictionary.
They spend their time:
-On Urban Dictionary, looking up the definitions Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, and 7 year old, and disliking/removing all the definitions against them.
-On Minecraft, having epileptic seizures when they find diamonds.
-On Roblox, playing Prison Escape and ODing in Meep City.
-On COD, sucking at the game and saying "Your mom" to people that won against them.
-With their mother's credit card, proceeding to smash it on the ground and exchange it for toys they don't need.

That is your basic guide to a 7 year old.
I know lots of 7 year olds are going to dislike this. But if you do, you are falling into my trap.
I'm always watching, 7 year olds.
by PonyTardRepellence July 03, 2018
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The most annoying little fucks on the whole planet. They also think they're hot shit. They'll curse at you even though they don't know what half of the words mean. They go along with whats "in" right now. They just want your acceptance. Don't fucking give it to them.
A 7 year old called me a cunt and a fatass today.

1. He doesnt even know what that is
2. I'm not close to fat.
The little bitch is lucky I didn't drag him by his ear and slap him around.
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the physical embodiment of satan, normie, fortnite player.
guy #1: hey have you seen that dude still playing fortnite!
guy #2: maybe a 7 year old
guy #1: hm.
by LYNQBUTGAY December 13, 2018
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7 year old gamers are typically into Minecraft and use a slurred voice, they own "secret" YouTube channels (with around three subs) and have $20 handheld cameras over their broken i-pads.
They sometimes own their own singing channels (don't worry it's worse than their "lets-plays" and grammar combined)
7 year old gamers have 3 subs
by Pengueleon July 23, 2016
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