A term used in level creation communities referring to a user who makes bad levels. A level made by this user is a Little Timmy Level.
There are bowsers everywhere. This level was definitely made by Little Timmy.
by R3Ked April 21, 2020
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The name of a fictional male child when describing a scenario, not dissimilarly used to the names Alice and Bob.
Alice: So, when dolphins give birth, they come out swimming, and the first thing the mother does is teach the child how to breathe.
Bob: So it’s like “Welcome to the world, Little Timmy! Breathing lesson time!”
by E hates Q August 13, 2022
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"Little Timmy" is to refer to a made up, unknown person in an example of distress, sadness, or unknowing problems that is happening to someone.
Little Timmy had no idea he was going to blow up if he cut the wrong wire.
by Little Timmy User July 4, 2023
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A Little Timmy is what you call a newbie to a game with a really trash avatar when they kill you.
by yescoolbye August 25, 2022
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As Patrck was using his Little Timmy His mom walked in and busted him
by Adam November 28, 2004
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A name referring to someone's penis.
Bro how's little Timmy doing after that hit to the dick?
by *enter name here* August 28, 2017
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