You name it” means everything a person can think of.

“There are lots of topics available now. Cooking, politics, entertainment, news, religion - you name it.”
by Jaroslav Hlavina June 2, 2006
«You name it» means everything a person can think of
Girls are beautiful, sexy, hot, pretty, georgoes, - you name it
by jojoalmbam June 30, 2021
1)Threatening term normally said when meeting an undesireable. Often used between "young teams" in Scotland.
You know (name)
1) You know Gactur? Drives a polis motor naw even a polis.
2) You know Danny Mcann? Got banned fae eh annex, dusny even care, up er eh noo.
3) You know Wee Lennon? Does keepy ups wi' dugs heeds?
by rfcjuni0r February 2, 2009
Kirby Kirby Kirby, that's The name you should know.
by IRealyHateWindowsNews December 20, 2021
The most hilarious quote from the movie Dawn of Justice: Batman V. Superman by actor Ben Affleck starring as Batman.
Superman: s-save Martha!
Batman: Why did you say that name?!
Lois Lane: It's his mother's name!
by cuz 8O3 December 12, 2016