A greating that should be spelled "hello" yet it spelled "ello" for a Brittish sounding accent on the "e"
by Robert Justin Crouch April 11, 2005
A greeting often used online in chat box to express a 'hello' but, with style.
by JeR March 31, 2004
Social Networking site which requires invitation. Claims to be free of ads and that the data collected is not bought for advertising space. Wants to be a more exclusive and virtuous 'organic' tumblr-like site.
Tumblr User #1: I gave into the hype about ello last night, you on it yet?
Tumblr User #2: Nah, that'll be over before anyone's heard about it, it's a waste of time.
by HigherThanArianasPonytail September 29, 2014
someone like alison or katie who have too much time on their hands.
"Alison ello friend"
by randommcboredson January 9, 2005
Eh-loh, Eh-loh, Eh-loh.
"Hello, Hello, Hello."

A Form of British Slang that extends a greeting from one to another when entering into a situation uninvited or abruptly, more often than not, the sender is of higher authority than the receiver, for example, a teacher or a parent.
-A party rages on in a teenagers house in London, and the authorities are called-

Party Attendee: "Man, this is great, I sure hope no cops show up to bust us drinking underage"
Cop: *Walks in the front door with his baton resting on his shoulder, scanning the room for attendees that are drinking underage* "'Ello, 'Ello, 'Ello... now what 'ave we got 'ere, eh?"
by SleepingPeanut July 25, 2019
Another way to say “hello” but it’s 100x better and you need to do a queefy Queen wave as you say it
Ello Emily how is your ranch?
by Emily the ranch lover October 31, 2018
a british greeting.
insted of hello in america
in england its Ello.
this example: Ello Govna.
by Seerahh. April 9, 2007