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an ass whoopin' some dude's about to taste for messin' with your shit
Main menu gon' haveta step outside in a sec if I catch you eyein' up my lady one more time.
by dookeyboy November 14, 2010
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A dim-witted, wannabe fierce woman politician from Alaska who unjustifiably accuses the lame stream media of personal attacks against her "cubs," and thus feels the need to appear regularly on Faux News to protect them from any schizophrenically perceived gotcha journalism.

Mama grizzly incorrectly believes that millions of her kind exist, but to date only one has ever revealed itself to humankind.

See also Mooselini, Gorilla from Wasilla, and Caribou Barbie.
After her media appearance in Wasilla, mama grizzly went salmon fishing so she could feed her cubs.
by dookeyboy November 19, 2010
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A municipal employee who drives around metropolitan areas stalking and issuing innocent bystanders with parking tickets.

See also revenue police.
Dude, I had to bribe the meter maid with a five dollar bill so he wouldn't issue me a $25 parking ticket!
by dookeyboy November 22, 2010
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A self-explanatory term that defines the style of government the world can expect should Sarah Palin ever become President of the United States.
Reporter with a spitting problem: "Preliminarily, pundits are predicting that the public's fear of Palineptitude is the primary predicament for the GOP, which is pondering pulling its support for a Sarah Palin presidential campaign and picking a more plausible puppet."
by dookeyboy November 22, 2010
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A hard-to-decipher language that originated in Wasilla, Alaska. Believed to have first been spoken and heard in the 21st Century, it is characterized by use of moronic oversimplified phrases such as "Russia's in my backyard," "gotcha journalism," "death panels," "lame stream media," and "you betcha."

Estimated global population known to speak the language: 1 person(s)
If the former Governor of Alaska decides to run for President in 2012, we'll all need some type of interpreter during the debates 'cause no one else on earth understands Palinese.
by dookeyboy November 18, 2010
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Katie Couric: "Governor Palin, do you even know where Russia is on a map?"

Sarah Palin: "That's gotcha journalism, Katie! Everyone knows that Russia is right in Alaska's backyard! Their President... what's his name... Dick Medevac? Anyway, he just swam in our pool - the Bering Strait - while attending my house party last month!"

Katie Couric: "And there you have it, folks... a prime example of Palinography."
by dookeyboy November 18, 2010
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a verbal ass-reaming by Sarah Palin against the lame stream media and gotcha journalism
Dude, I don't watch Faux News much anymore cause every single night it's nothing but one big Palinoscopy.
by dookeyboy November 21, 2010
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