an example for sanchez is not needed
by ozzierule13 October 15, 2009
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the term given to a smelly mexican kid in the city of Ridgecrest, CA. He can usually be distinguised from the billion other wetbacks in california by his unique odor. Witnesses have described this smell to be a mixture of cow manure and a fair amount of sweat from the gooch. Is claimed to be going to UC Irvine to contaminate the asian gene pool.
Sanchez is the dirtiest and smelliest of all living creatures. His odor strikes you with the force of a baseball bat to the head.
by uclabruin31 July 25, 2006
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To vomit or dry hurl in the sober state, the day after becoming slizzard (drunk).
Man, I just sanchezed on the beach after drinking large amounts of iced tea.
by dmelnyczuk June 08, 2010
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the only insult lower than social and fag combined
Guy 1: Dude the teacher was being a dick today
Guy 2: Nah he was being a sanchez
Guy 1: Thats low
by ozzierule13 September 10, 2009
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Sanchez is a synonym for an anonymous mexican person. There are 6 other such synonyms for mexican person: Juarez, Juan, Rodriguez, Gonzales, Fernandez and Santiego. When using these synonyms in scentences, you can either use them by themselves or in pairs. (Juarez Gonzales over there is being lazy).
"you know why theres a giant wall in florida?" its because of all those damn sanchezes sneaking across the border"
by mwoo July 11, 2006
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Being fired for being a complete idiot in public.
Hey, did you hear Rick Sanchez got fired from CNN?

Yeah, he totally got Sanchezed.
by SanchezedByCNN October 01, 2010
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means nothing is going on; things are dead.(New York-Bronx)
Kid 1:"Yo son how was that party?"
Kid 2:"Son that shit was sanchez"
by Revolutionary Mind September 26, 2007
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