1. Idiot
2. Mental Incompetent.
3. Stupid Person

A person who is a complete idiot, is not just doing 1 idiotic act, which would only make them an idiot. To be a complete idiot you must perform a series of stupid actions.
Uncle: Look at that man, he just finished playing 'ding-dong-ditch' on his own house.

Neighbor: Oh, don't worry about Dale, he is just a complete idiot.
by Dictify May 26, 2008
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Exactly as the name suggests. This person is so incredibly stupid, that he has no understanding of anything whatsoever, therefore making this person nothing else but a waste of oxygen.
Hey, do you like John?
-No, he is a complete fucking idiot.
by Asshoul October 3, 2020
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Those who don't have any understanding "THE FAMINE is "ALWAYS ALL AROUND YOU".

When you meet all these STANFORD STUDENTS something magic happens.


We need this definition as the ELITE COMPLETE IDIOT of STANFORD playing thd PERFECTIONISM game with KATIE MEYERS is totally FUCKED as "what happens as "READ MY MIND" that be sound off at " TOWN AND COUNTRY mall n PALO ALTO just before KATIE'S DEATH.
" as the killers are REVOLTING at the SHEER PARSIMONY which not only from a MONETARY STANDPOINT but also the inability for a UNIVERSITY to stop "BEING FULL OF ITSELF and UNAPPROACHABLE KNOW-IT-ALLS with rare instances of ASIAN HONOR MODESTY.

It makes you feel GREAT about the under achieving school you went to while being around MONKEY CAGES and FAGGOTS as any ASS that is ANY true GIVING ASSHOLE who is generous enough to LEAVE THEIR PHYSICAL SHIT IN THE TOILET as that is so ELITE COMPLETE IDIOT as wait think twice , " it is a PLACE that encourages open dialog even with outsiders but they train THE NO DON'T GIVE AWAY any university proprieterism because then he would not be that FAMINISTIC PEDOPHILE we want ANAL ALAN to be so the CASTRATION would be called off and "NOW SUCK" the REDWOOD TREES at the BARN.
by DIT KOMON ASSH0LE April 18, 2022
Just1Stock is a Complete Idiot
by Random10 September 20, 2022
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