A handsome Haitian and/or person. Also is very creative, and better than most people in video games.
Damn. Look at that 'Sanchez'. I heard they are the best of the best at video games.
by just a burger May 28, 2019
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1. The REO...the Rifle Executive
2. A man of mexican descent, with a christmas tree on his stomach.
3. A term for catching every STD possible...including those of the opposite sex.
4. A Man who has had sex with 1450 different women, three cats, and and unknown number of "other".
"That girl was with Sanchez? Bro...check yourself out..."

Guy A - "Man i was so fucked last night! I banged three girls at the same time!"
Guy B - "I guess I should start calling you Sanchez..."
Guy A - "The crazy thing about it though is that I woke up in a barn..."
Guy B - "Yup...I should definitely call you Sanchez!"
by Tim Thompson March 31, 2008
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Sanchez is a term referring to a guy with a small micro penis.
Yooo E has a Sanchez
by Countersage April 01, 2018
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Someone with a small dong, expecaly if their name starts with A
by Countersage April 01, 2018
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a slang term in Arizona for a man with a huge penis
I don't care if someone calls me "sanchez," because everyone knows that "sanchez" means a cool guy with a monster cock.
by erikrodriguez August 20, 2009
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being the victim of a dirty sanchez -verb-
hey beoitch, you've been sanchezed
by Sma Sanchez March 09, 2007
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A moustache made from a smear of human shit !
Take your girlfriend from behind; when you are about to shoot your load; stick your finger up her arse and retreive a piece of shit and wipe it right across her top lip - SANCHEZ!!!
by Peanuts May 15, 2007
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