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The second person in the Trinity, who is Jesus Christ—he is also known as the "Son of God," "Son of Man," or "Son of Mary."
The Son of God, who is referred as the Alpha and Omega, came to this world so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.
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by MathPlus December 18, 2016
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1) a close friend
2) used as an acceptable international greeting of a person whos name is unknown to you or one of which you have forgotten
1) "wassup son!"
2) "wassup son."
by The Raven July 15, 2003
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Can be used to:
1. Address a friend
2. Talk down to someone
1. Oh shit son! That G is about to cap you with his four-four. You better run son!
2.Son, your ass just got beat by this heat I have under my hood. Pay up bitch.
by JTizzle July 03, 2004
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1) A term of endearment for someone, usually a friend. Mostly refers to a male, but sometimes female.

2) Also sometimes used to show your anger or displeasure at someone.
I need your help, son!

Son, watch yo mouth, yer gonna get a cap in yer ass.
by Vyxen November 23, 2004
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1. term of endearment to a male friend.

2. derogatory term used to emphasize that the other person, may or may not be a friend, is on a level lower than your own.
1. let's chill in my crib son.

2. A BG says: After I’m done with school my first job will be CEO of Microsoft.
An OG sets the record straight: What color is the sky in your world, son?
by Arpi J September 29, 2006
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