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A word to describe an asshole or more commonly, a douche. There are 5 rungs of the douche hierarchy: asshole, douche, douche bag, douche nozzle and right at the top, (displaying unfettered amounts of douche), douche rocket.When someone is so douchey they can no longer be described as a douche nozzle, the big guns are brought out and douche rocket is used.
"Abe you douche rocket!!"
by mwoo August 01, 2006

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very cheap and low quality
yo, that sup was mad chintz

"that prize was chintz""Ya, i know, it had a sticker on it"
by mwoo June 21, 2006

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Basically, a drywall-duster is another name for a Mexican immigrant to Canada or America. This comes from the popular belief that Mexican immigrants will work for low prices so, hypothetically, one could pay a "drywall duster" 3 pesos a day to renovate his or her house. Thus they would be dusting off drywall while their employer threatened them with immigration offices and cobras.
"I paid a private contractor 6 million dollars to renovate my house" " Ya, I just hired a bunch of drywall dusters."
by mwoo July 08, 2006

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Sanchez is a synonym for an anonymous mexican person. There are 6 other such synonyms for mexican person: Juarez, Juan, Rodriguez, Gonzales, Fernandez and Santiego. When using these synonyms in scentences, you can either use them by themselves or in pairs. (Juarez Gonzales over there is being lazy).
"you know why theres a giant wall in florida?" its because of all those damn sanchezes sneaking across the border"
by mwoo July 11, 2006

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Very cheaply made and of poor quality. This originates from the common mass produced russian products that roll off their lines every day. Soviet tanks to russian gas masks are among some of the widely distribited peices of junk that circulate the market.
That M-4 Aardvark gas mask is mad russian-style.

"My car broke down" "Pfft, its russian-style"
by mwoo June 29, 2006

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