A character on the popular TV show on adult swim, "Rick and Morty."
Summer: Oh, yeah. My grandpa is Rick Sanchez.
by goawayimbusyignoringyou February 5, 2016
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Smartest man in the universe, well known for his crybaby backstory and his two cheating crows.
Someone: it’s Rick Sanchez C137
Evil Morty: no, it’s the Rickest Rick
by unknown_kyla April 10, 2022
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The smartest dude ever. He is a big criminal from C-137. He is usually annoying.
Rick Sanchez is a total douchebag.
by I AM AWESOME 1 April 24, 2019
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A genius fictional character that has discovered time travel, Rick is a character from Rick and Morty. He is 82 years old and very athletic, a funny guy.
Guy 1: dude do you like that tv show Rick and Morty and what’s your favourite character.

Guy 2: I do and my favourite character is Rick Sanchez
by Roblo_k November 4, 2018
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Richard "Rick" Sanchez is referred to as what is known as an absolute fucking unit
dude did you see Rick Sanchez blow up an entire multiverse?

yeah dude! that was sick!
by but_cheeks_on_a_stick July 14, 2021
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Employee and correspondant of CNN Headline News.
"That Rick Sanchez sure knows how to pretend like he cares."

Known for phrases such as, "...that son of a gun..." and "I hope somebody catches that son of a gun."

In these instances, Rick is referring to news story about two elderly woman who were mugged.

One of the elderly women said something in regards to, "I'm a hundred and one years old, you think I'm gonna run after a quote unquote "Mugga".
by Demonica Reeves March 18, 2007
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