"Same Shit, Different Day" Derived from Stephen King's book (Now a movie), "Dreamcatcher".
"Hey, Beav'. How are ya?"
"You know, SSDD."
by Blacklist April 5, 2004
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"Same shit, different day" from Stephen King's The Dreamcatcher
"So how've you been lately?"
"You know... ssdd"
by Meg February 15, 2005
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Question: How is your day going?

Reply: SSDD.
by Muscle July 23, 2006
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Joe: "Hey man, how's it going?"
Sam: "Oh, fine I guess. SSDD!"
by Julesofwisdom July 13, 2013
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For North Oldham and South Oldham Football games meaning "Suck Some Donkey Dick
"Touchdown for the Mustangs"
Everyone : "SSDD"
by NOHS Football October 4, 2011
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same shit, different dick: when a women enters a new relationship with a new man after being let down by the last, just to find out that he's an even bigger asshole then the previous one
I thought that he was the one, but it turned out to be just SSDD.
by luccafire July 26, 2009
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