This isn’t a question to answer, it’s often used as a statement by teens under the influence at a party. Commonly followed up with “hows ya burga
Murph just walked into the party for the 3rd time and continued to ask for the 3rd time “how are ya
by The wordsmith how are ya October 8, 2019
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A quote used on that one spongebob episode where spongebob turns into round sponge
by rj colon December 13, 2016
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Tom: When did you get to be a social butterfly Larry?
Larry: I just did a little of the how-do-ya-do
by candyapplesuckertree March 27, 2004
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Something people say in the Ottawa Valley whether they're drunk, sober, or copulating with an attractive cousin or sheep.
Delmer McDelmer: G'day g'day and how ya t'day!
Sheep: Baaaaaa!!!!
by smacktard April 28, 2003
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something said to your chums when you haven't seen them in a bit, usually with a beer in your hand and a few in your belly

also something you say to someone you meet on the street that you recognize but don't know very well. A type of "nod" and courtesy to say hello.
Hey there lad, g'day g'day and how are ya t'day?
by koso October 15, 2005
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