A 7 member lesbian cult.
Stan Dreamcatcher.
by loonatheworldomination April 17, 2020
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Dreamcatcher, or GAYCATCHER as you may say, is the MOST AND I SAY MOST, talented group ever. Simple reason ? Gaycatcher. They’re sweet, talented, beautiful, amazing, what do they lack ? Well, brain cells perhaps. But why are you not stanning ? We have seven perfectly fine ( and crazy, crazily talented that is ) BEAUTIFUL ANGELS who is willing to dance bare foot for their fans. Plus, they’re very gay. So, what are you waiting for and will you come along and Stan with us InSomnias ?
InSomnia : oh I wish I can have someone as beautiful as Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher : FEAR NO MORE
by Thegloriouspepperoni April 12, 2020
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Dreamcatcher is a south korean girl group with a genre of kpop rock-pop. Their genre is extremely unique and their mostly known for their horror concept.
Person: I love Dreamcatcher!
Person: Me too
by YuuisFantasy May 19, 2021
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Synonym for Intrauterine Device (IUD).
After removing Lizette's dreamcatcher, the gynecologist asked if she'd like to keep it as a souvenir, and perhaps place it in her shadow box with her used diaphragms and condoms.
by grigiogirl March 13, 2017
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'Have you heard Deja Vu by Dreamcatcher? It's a bop omg'
by Aelphi October 19, 2019
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An epic novel by Stephen King which is a true masterpiece, albeit bizarre as hell, about four psychically enabled childhood friends, who are receive their power from a remarkable Down Synrdome's kid named Duddits. However, during their annual hunting trip, they encounter a disoriented man who was separated from his group. The man, however, is bringing something with him, and the friends are launched into an epic struggle with an alien race. On the other side of the story is an insane militia leader and his protege, and the deadly lengths he'll go to in order to prevent the aliens from spreading. These two sides of the story become intertwangled, leading back to the secret of how the friends they got the way they are, their special fifth friend, their "dreamcatcher".

Stephen King wrote this novel entirely by hand after being struck down by a car in 1999, because he couldn't sit as his word processor, but he needed to write something because he needed the recreation to ease the pain he was in.

It was fixed into novel form and publsished in 2001, and had a fantastic film adaption in 2003, which starred Morgan Freeman, Thomas Jane, Donnie Wahlberg and Jason Lee.

Also, it's worth noting that it's been thrown out that Dreamcatcher takes place in the same universe as Stephen King's 'It'. Read it, you'll see.

Dreamcatcher is a novel by Stephen King that a lot of older fans didn't care for, and some even found to be less classier than his earlier work. Mainly because of the monsters known as 'shit-weasels'.

But it's still an incredibly worthy read, and an excellent film.
by NoFadsThen April 5, 2009
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The male human body's natural defense mechanism of overgrown butt crack hairs from opposing cheeks weaving themselves together to form a net which helps to keep bad dreams from sneaking into their buttholes at night.
What else does your dreamcatcher keep out man?
by 3/5ths Mafia November 24, 2020
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