My home town.Town in Lancashire, North-West England. Formerly biggest cotton producing town in the world now infamous for race riots. Home to Oldham Athletic AFC. Local neighbours- (Rochdale)(Tameside)(Bury)(Manchester). Some areas severely poverty stricken others such as High Crompton quite wealthy.(Chavs) roam around the streets and most Oldhamers deny their Oldham heritage preffering to say they're from Manchester.
Famous Oldham people-Paul Scholes,Mark Owen. Also (winston Churchill) used to be MP for Oldham.
'I like the crime and poverty here so much in Rochdale but we're just not miserable enough. I know lets build Oldham!'
by elvis pressley February 24, 2005
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Town about 6 miles north of Manchester. Troubled with gangs and drugs, if you dare to venture out on to Yorkshire Street for a night out you will most probably come home with some kind of facial disfigurement. However locals to the town feel some kind of connection to the place and being a 15 min drive to Manchester makes it not all that bad.
Oldhamer 1: You fancy a night out in Oldham tongiht?

Oldhamer 2: Where bouts?

Oldhamer 1: Cuba Cuba, Walkabouts, Maloneys, Bamboogie

Oldhamer 2: Nah dont fancy getting decked in tonight lets just go out in Manchester
by FactoryRecords December 22, 2009
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My hometown in Britain, outside of Manchester. Used to be a cotton town, now it is known for race riots and gang beatings. People fear to walk the streets for fear of violent assault. A history of child abuse in the mills, is now ridden with old people beaten to the ground. Possible Chav capital.
"Eyaa, where the Oldham mafia, give us your money or i'll deck your head in"
"why are your pants tucked in your socks?"
"'cos am gangsta"
"I see, I'm guessing you like 50 cent"
"How'd ya guess dickhead"
by Oldham sufferer September 27, 2005
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A town in Greater Manchester. 99% chav. Has a few Michelin Star restaurants known as McDonalds and Subway. Walking around alone at night will result in you being battered for your purse/wallet/mobile/anything that can be sold in a pawn shop or on a carboot sale. "Spindles" is the local shopping center. Has some well known shops, Poundland may be the best quality one. The school's in the area are sub-standard. Children can learn the correct use of the term 'init'. Anyone who waits until the legal age to have sex is stoned to death and teenagers collect offspring.
Person a) Kelly's pregant again init.
Person b) Who?
Person a) Kelly, 13 year old, had her first child last year.
Person b) Yeah man I know who you mean!
Person c) Utter Oldham scum.
by BellaFlowers April 6, 2009
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Words will have to do....'Grim Up North' could've been written for this collection of stones. Nice on the outskirts but otherwise a sunami of chavness and thus a cultural wastland. It could indeed be the quintessential 'classless society' due to an extraordinary lack of style. Everything that socialism was meant to be! 'God-forsaken' would suggest the Almighty actually had been there once and so deliberately left it, which most authorities seriously doubt. A mix of Yorkshire rejects, Manchester overspill-uber-scum and the North Asian sub-continent. Market day reminding one strongly of the Orc army battle scenes in 'Lord of the Ringroads'.
Q. How do you know a girl from Oldham is having an orgasm?

A. She drops her chips.
by Hedley Clubnobber July 29, 2006
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My hometown.. a 'small' town in Lancashire.
known for gangs and drugs..
full of paki's,but theres still some good english people..
football team called Oldham Athletic.. also known as 'Latics'
Also a shopping centre called Spindles, but most of the shops have been shut down and the ones left are crap.
Person 1: did you here about that riot int town m8?
Person 2: yeah a did an' a heard it was crazy as fuck!
Person 1: Lets get our weapons and start another one!
Person 2: Sure m8,tnite@11?
Person 1: Hell yeah m8.

2 oldham chavs/druggies.
by Mooster332211 October 27, 2011
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Possibly the greatest singer songwriter ever.
Will Oldham, Bonnie Prince Billy, Palace, whatever; he's a living legend.
by JayAMic October 7, 2007
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