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A piece of glass you can open when it gets too hot outside. Come on people
Open the window, it's hot as hell in here
by meg February 15, 2004

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adverb. to "go dutch" on a date or dinner means that you and your date split the expense, or each pay for your own ticket, etc. this is a more modern way to date, as opposed to the more traditional "man pays for you" approach
were going dutch to the movies tonight.
by meg May 05, 2003

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1) an abbreviation for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a tv show that ran for seven years and was pretty damn good
2) Valley girl who shops and usually has blond hair
3) A hottie
4) A chick who can kick an infinite amount of ass
1) Dude, Buffy's on.
2) "Can we just beat these Buffy's down so i can go home?"
3) "That girl's so hot, she's buffy."
4) Greek pissed me off so much that i had to go all Buffy on him.
by meg April 08, 2004

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Canada is a country where college kids go if they live too far from Mexico. It's considered nippy at -20 C, but not quite cold until we hit -40 C.
The term peace is not achieved through fighting but through actual peace. Despite the fact that Canada's military is constantly insulted by our Southern neighbours, some still complain that we don't help them out. A country where "God Bless Canada" is not proclaimed every five minutes because we are aware that not everybody follows one belief.
And the boys are still hot without the beer.
Canada is fun. You should do it too!
by Meg February 06, 2004

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Place where I live. Is famous for corn, racing, and michael jackson. Unfortunatly. People often think there is nothing here but corn, but they are deeply mistaken. We are often referred to as red necks but the red necks are in kentucky not Indiana.
i live in indianapolis
by meg March 06, 2005

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"Same shit, different day" from Stephen King's The Dreamcatcher
"So how've you been lately?"
"You know... ssdd"
by Meg February 14, 2005

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we're the "icing on the cake" we make the band look pretty and put some color in to the band on the field with many visuals using flags,rifles,sabres,or anything else you can find
go to a marcing band competition and see the guard strut their stuff and twirl those falgs!!
by Meg December 06, 2003

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