same shit, different dick: when a women enters a new relationship with a new man after being let down by the last, just to find out that he's an even bigger asshole then the previous one
I thought that he was the one, but it turned out to be just SSDD.
by luccafire July 26, 2009
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Social Security Disability Disease
This is a hereditary disease that renders the patient unable to work or to pursue any means of self-support. It is passed on from generation to generation. Its’ symptoms often present themselves in the form of unending excuses of why they truly are a victim and they are often diagnosed with nebulous illnesses, such as “disabling psychiatric conditions,” or “back pain”. If left unchecked, this disease will precipitate for generation after generation.
Hey Joe, my neighbor’s family sits out on their porch all year long, 24-7. They each say they are disabled.

Mike, I have seen this many times before, I bet they all have a case of S.S.D.D.
by Tom Stillin January 22, 2018
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Sma shit different day. vortex toilets inc. used it as their slogan for the whole of their 26-day existence, after which they went bankrupt and were forgotten within seconds.
they couldn't pay for the factory, it was started with a $25 every two dys income. satan laughs!
by <*}}}}>< October 10, 2003
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always the same never diffrent....continuious bull shit..monotony....
living day by day doing the same thing...never doing anything anything except the same thing...living my life...
by b wallace November 22, 2003
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For use by those who are that way inclined. THAT MEANS YOU, YOU PERVERTED BIATCH!!
by <*}}}}>< October 20, 2003
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