same shit, different dick: when a women enters a new relationship with a new man after being let down by the last, just to find out that he's an even bigger asshole then the previous one
I thought that he was the one, but it turned out to be just SSDD.
by luccafire July 26, 2009
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buy the domain for your travel blog
Sma shit different day. vortex toilets inc. used it as their slogan for the whole of their 26-day existence, after which they went bankrupt and were forgotten within seconds.
they couldn't pay for the factory, it was started with a $25 every two dys income. satan laughs!
by <*}}}}>< October 10, 2003
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always the same never diffrent....continuious bull shit..monotony....
living day by day doing the same thing...never doing anything anything except the same thing...living my life...
by b wallace November 22, 2003
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For use by those who are that way inclined. THAT MEANS YOU, YOU PERVERTED BIATCH!!
by <*}}}}>< October 20, 2003
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