"Social Justice Warrior." Pejorative term for a left-wing ideologue preoccupied with the notions of privilege and oppression, particularly as they relate to race and gender. A SJW's worldview is defined by the belief that oppressed classes (racial minorities, women) pervasively suffer at the hands of privileged classes (white people, men). This belief is of critical importance to a SJW's identity; it supersedes objectivity and logical consistency, and anything is used to justify it. For example, take the following sentence:

***The woman, forced to walk home alone, avoided passing by any men for fear of being raped.***

To a SJW, this presents an example of male privilege, since men aren't as likely to be raped as women are. However, take the next sentence:

***The white man, forced to walk home alone, avoided passing by any black people for fear of being robbed.***

A SJW would cite this as an example of white privilege, since white people aren't feared or avoided as much as black people are.

SJWs are extremely skilled at taking any situation or statistic, and framing it as though it's valid evidence of their worldview. But perhaps their most infamous talent is invoking the McCarthy era political tactic of branding dissidents with labels that destroy their careers. Due to pressure applied by SJWs, anyone with the stink of being accused a "racist" or "sexist" is destined to be a pariah, much like being alleged a "communist" in the 1950's.
The SJWs came out with a new hashtag activism campaign today.
by DrewPW April 21, 2016
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A group of pussies who tell minorities that they are oppressed when they actually aren't. Most have butthole cancer so don't engage in butt sex if you want their gross ass cooties.

They have corny tattoos and are 10% cuck, 20% ew, 15% concentrated shoutings of "kill (cops just cuz we're fags)" 5% nonpleasure 50% lame and 100% reason to know their insane. Fort minor bitch. Styles of beyond.
Hi, I believe the wage gap is true because CNN tells me it is. I'm a zealot for hating white people because they should die. Call me an SJW.
by Smell me July 14, 2017
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In layman's terms: somebody who thinks that everything's sexist, racist, homophobic, et cetera.
"Your dreadlocks are racist!"


"You're uninformed, read an article!"

"Huh? You're crazy."

"That's sexist!"

"Why? Because you're a girl?"

"Patriarchy! White privledge!"

(Backs away slowly).
by maso128 July 17, 2016
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A Social Justice Warrior.

1. A (Left-wing) internet user who frequently overreacts to minor "controversies" often taken out of context or poorly understood, and who takes part in virulent and pointless arguments with other internet users from both sides of the political divide. It can also describe similar people in real life. "Humongous? Humongous what? You just sexually assaulted me!"

2. A contemptuous term used by conservatives, the hard-Right and the immature to describe internet users of a moderate or Left-wing slant who are not necessarily overreactive but are willing to engage in political conversation. It is more or less used in the same way as Nazi is for Right-wingers.
"Surely there is a better insult than calling them an SJW. It's a little tired now, don't you think?"
by áutechre December 05, 2017
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An autistic person who stands against issues that don't exist. Humor is a myth to these people although they always mention that they have a great sense of humor.
"I am a loud and proud SJW who has a great sense of humor"
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by Arthour Willhall February 08, 2018
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Social justice warrior, someone who fights for the principles of human equality and solidarity.
Jessica really educated me on the concept of white privilege after she got arrested for protesting the gentrification of Harlem. She's a real SJW.
by Lisamakescupcakes April 19, 2011
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An imaginary type of person whom assholes complain about on the Internet as the reason that they can no longer be assholes.
I can't believe all these SJW's, calling me racist and sexist when I say and do racist and sexist things!
by timdub May 16, 2018
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