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(Social Justice Warriors) The overly offended blindly ignorant scum of the internet whom’st report anything and everything that offends them.
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by memekeeper November 07, 2017
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SJW stands for "Social Justice Warrior", however its actual meaning has changed several times, and even now depends on context.

Originally the term was positive, with figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi being described as such when praised for their work in bringing justice and equality to oppressed groups. Examples of its use as a term of praise go back as far as 1824, and this continued to be the meaning of the term up until around 2011.

In 2011 several events, primarily Gamergate, led to the term becoming a pejorative. Many began to use the term to describe people who were overly sensitive and quick to insult anyone who said something they perceived as attacking or oppressing some group of people, even when it wasn't warranted. Basically, anyone who overreacted to a perceived slight against a person or group of people.

However, the term has continued to evolve. While the previous definition sometimes applies, it's now often used simply as an excuse to dismiss things other people say without having to think about them at all, regardless of whether or not they have a valid point. In other words, it's increasingly used as if it's a "get out of jail free" card for insulting entire groups of people. This watering down of the meaning is slowly turning the term into a meaningless insult.
Early: "The late Reverend King's work as a social justice warrior helped lead to the integration of all races in our schools today."

Mid: "All I said was that maybe she overreacted, and the SJW accused me of oppressing all women!"

Late: "She should get off YouTube and make me a sandwich. And before any of you SJWs complain, it's just a joke."
by HiEv August 19, 2017
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Person 1:That guy raised the dead just to make a jazz band
Person 2:I guess he's an SJW
by Maxwell Puckett August 20, 2017
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An SJW (short for social justice warrior) is a very extremely radicalized individual, typically found on the internet but sometimes encountered out in the wild, wild world. SJWs usually can be distinguished by their ‘unique’ personal styles which consist of an egregious amount of LUSH hair care products, occult jewelry, secondhand clothing, and resting bitch face.

SJWs are perpetually triggered because they are emotionally sensitive and have not matured out of their most traumatic life period, high school. They’re the people sitting in the corner of the political science class screaming about cultural appropriation and the Third Reich, yet spend hours on Twitter getting mad at everything Donald Trump or Marine Le Pen says that they don’t agree with.

SJWs believe that everyone who isn’t woke like them is enabling the system of oppression, and yet they very rarely have any viable solutions for how to smash the Patriarchy. They love to remind everyone to check their privileges while being extremely privileged individuals themselves. SJWs do more harm than good because they take attention away from real suffering in the world with their antics.
SJWs seriously believe that they have all the answers in the world about every form of social issue ever.”
by TauKitty June 12, 2018
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Short for "Social Justice Warrior" these types of people get triggered by essentially anything that doesn't fit in their bubble. They often want every form of media to be "Politically correct" so they don't get triggered by it. Often degrades and swears at others who don't agree with them.
SJW when they read Harry Potter.

"This is Satan's bible it's so evil"

SJW when they watch Black Panther.

"Not enough woman or white people"
by A Human Male August 04, 2018
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A bunch of retards that try to come up with strawman after strawman to try to act like they are making a difference with body acceptance, infinite genders, infinite sexualities, and more bullcrap! They are the ones complaining about Smash Brothers about there being no 'Transgender Peoplequeer Bi-Polar Sexual Obese Disabled Mentally Ill Non-binary Women of Color.'

Please exterminate as soon as possible. Their breed should no longer exist.
SJW: I fight for those who can't stand for themselves, I am an SJW
Sane person: BEGONE THOT
by MythicalCatJay August 07, 2018
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An SJW (social justice warrior) is a person who adheres to neo-Marxism. Their ideology can be summed up as a mix of Nazism and Communism, where they advocate for complete state control, abolishment of capitalism, and equality of outcome (Communism) as well as blaming every societal ill on successful demographics which they deem evil and "privileged" (Nazism). SJWs hate males, Europeans, east Asian (men), heterosexuals, and Jews (among others). They believe that these demographics should be forced to serve less successful demographics (such as blacks, muslims, and females), who they claim are oppressed.

Subsets of this group include feminism (a female supremacist group centered around hating men, who they believe to be oppressing them) and "black lives matter" (a black supremacist ground centered around hating white people, who they believe to be oppressing them).
by Phoenix797 July 31, 2018
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