stands for "Social Justice Warrior"

derogatory term for people who are basically overly in defense of whatever the popular beliefs portray as the greater victim of discrimination (usually SJWs would be defending women, african americans, homosexuals, etc).
A SJW against sexism might think that since women are so much moreso discriminated against than men, they should get special treatment.

They might also say that people who say that men are discriminated against should realize that since women are so much moreso discriminated against than men, that it's wrong/rude to defend men.
by Sivan Ingram July 31, 2011
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Social Justice Warrior. Normally pictured as an average Tumblr feminist, who hates people who are cisgender, heterosexual, white males. Insults can be cishet, cis scum, rapist, etc.
Male: Hey, can I buy you a drink?
SJW: Oh my god, stop oppressing me you cishet scum. You just want to use me for sex you rapist. All men are the same! This is why I'm a lesbian!
by menenist April 12, 2015
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SJW is a white supremacist term that is used to label any issue that white people don't find important. It amounts to saying only the concerns of white males are legit and everyone's concern is ridiculous. Other social issues that are important to white people like taxes, immigration, terrorism and Black on Black crime is never labled SJW. Only things white people hate are labeled that.
"Black Lives Matter is nothing more than SJW bullshit."
by Boves January 18, 2017
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These initials stand for Social Justice Warrior. This is a particular class of internet denizen who is on a crusade to push their liberal agenda through tumblr/reddit/social networking (they are almost never involved in irl activism). They get on their soapbox and screech like a banshee to anyone who crosses their path. The SJW sees him/her/itself as a knight in shining armor who is fighting to right the wrongs of the world. They see the world as divided into two camps - the oppressors and the oppressed.

The truth, however, is that the SJW is a hypocritical, fundamentalist demagogue. Their morals only exist to further their own agenda, which is always right. An SJW holding a reasonable discussion or fair debate is almost unheard of. Their modus operandi is to spew a deluge of words rivaling Tim Buckley, filled with labels, slurs, and provocation. Their favorite tactic is to label their opposition as "privileged/cis/racist" etc. to instantly put them on the defensive.

They consider all disagreements with them to be the result of patriarchal oppression rather than rational thought, even while they blindly follow dogma. They champion equal rights, while trampling on the rights of anyone who upsets them through defaming, harassing, and ganging up on them. They are completely unaware of the sheer hypocrisy of this. SJWs are the sophists and zealots of the internet age.
by Xcalibur201 October 27, 2015
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An acronym usually taken to stand for Social Justice Warrior. However, the immature, intolerant stupidity of their opinions and the vindictive malevolence with which they pursue those who dare to disagree with them, it should stand for Shitty, Jerk-off Wanker.
The vast majority of Trades Union officials are SJWs.
by AKACroatalin August 07, 2015
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Social Justice Warrior

Someone who appears to be all for cis gender, homosexuality, mass immigration, shut down of National boarders and order, someone who believes Women are Superior to Men!

They use violence in the name of peace and equality, they do not consider other opinions as equal Free Speech as those who are saying them, are worse than child killing terrorists! They try not to offend the people who are highly sensitive and can offended by the slightest of things! SJW's would jump to defend this person at the drop of a hat, but might not fully respect or understand the person they are defending! Any time they see an opportunity to shame, excite bigotry or exercise physical violence to push their agenda and gain popularity in the SJW Community they will jump in without formulating their argument first.

They say Political Opinions can not be done trough emotions (see Brexit) yet they base all their opinions purely out of emotions! They defend people who can defend themselves but an SJW believes they are weak and need help!

Basically whatever your view is, if it makes them look Progressive (Regressive) and can shame you to further hate speech, or it does not push the Agenda... you're wrong regardless of the topic in question! See Extreme Brexit Remainers, Extreme Feminist for details!
SJW's are the new Generation of the World. They will be the cause of the Downfall of Western Culture and Society as we know it! They already change History and Language and Stories to "Include all Genders and Races" even if it goes against Historical Fact as this will not offend the highly sensitive and be Progressive! They care nothing for the very Nation they are in and if it is attacked by a Facist Ideology they will defend those that attacked it and groups accosiated with those people! Because they too have Facist tendercies and relate to the oppression of those who do jot comply to your belief!They want History to be Politically Correct and without realising are the new birth of Facism in the World. If we control waht people see and say, we control the Masses!
by FreeThoughtForAllTheWorld August 06, 2017
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A SJW or Social Justice Warrior is someone who is so consumed by racism, hatred, and discrimination that they see it in EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE. They are quite literally the scum of the earth. They have no friends outside of other SJWs because to them everyone is a racist, woman hating, gay hating, poor hating, trans hating Bigot. They are the opponents of free speech. A SJW believes that speech should be regulated to only predetermined language. They believe that if someone's uses language outside of their predetermined script they should be jailed for hatred. A world run by SJWs would be very similar to Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy in the sense that anyone truly expressing the freedom of speech would be silenced and jailed. A SJW is so consumed by what they believe is their duty to rid the world of hate and discrimination that they themselves become the very embodiment of both.
Dude: Do you think these SJWs are taking things way too far?
Bro: Definitely, did you see what they do to Milo Yiannopoulos?
Dude: That's what I mean, they stormed the stage or run to the front and scream at him or threaten him with violence.
Bro: The whole SJW movement says they aren't against free speech, they're just against hate speech.
Dude: What's the difference?
Bro: Exactly, free speech protects ALL speech. They are playing a very dangerous game but I think most Americans are sick of their brand of oppression and violence.
Dude: I think so too, the SJW is a dying bread, Americans won't stand for them telling them what they can and can't say any longer. Americans will stand up against their threats of violence. People like Milo are finally taking free speech and tolerance back for the average American.
by RageAgainstTheSystem June 12, 2016
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