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Something that started out as a sort of moral common sense - actually not a bad idea, eg. saying 'black person' instead of 'god-damn cotton-pickin' nigger'.
However, the whole thing got utterly out of hand in the early 90s to the point where a lot of people will say 'Afro-Carribean' or 'Afro-American' because they think it's racist to say 'black'! It gets even more ridiculous when you consider that in some parts people think it's offensive to 'blackboard' or 'black coffee'.

What began as a force for good (considering the number of people who really are racist, sexist and homophobic) has since become a laughing stock beacause of the ridiculous extremes to which certain neurotic ultra-liberals took it - cf. a person being 'vertically challenged' rather than short. This has actually undone a lot of progress made in changing bigoted attitudes (as bigot can claim any offence taken at their views is 'political correctness gone mad), whilst making people feel guilty for enjoying anything but the blandest, most anaemic humour for fear of being 'offensive'. I mean, seriously, what's funnier out of 'Friends' and 'South Park'? (Or 'The League of Gentlemen' for the benefit of any Brits out there?)

At the same time as straight white able-bodied men are going out of their way to talk about 'ethnic people' (who ISN'T ethnic!?) and those of 'different sexual orientation', there are blacks calling themselves niggas (which has been going on for years), gays calling themselves (and eachother!) poof, queens and queers, and so on - the real way to neutralize a term used as as an insult is for those to whom it was applied to use it themselves.

AT its worst, political correctness is nothing different form Orwell's Newspeak - an attempt to change the way people think by forcibly changing the way they speak. So let's have a backlash against the nannying, interefering, cotton-wool Stalinism 'ploitical correctness' has become - not to placate bigots, but to speak the truth and enjoy outrageous humour like we're meant to. Remember, the next time someone says they don't like Harry Potter because Hermione is a stereotypically sensitive girl, the relevant word to call them is 'cunt'.
See also liberal guilt, stereotyping, stupidity

b.t.w. a great many stereotypes exist because they're essentially TRUE.
Tory Politician: "The over-reaction to that joke I told about the bloody nog-nogs is just another example of political correctness gone mad!"

Limp-wristed idiot: "I'm not sure I feel comfortable with your use of the word 'woman', and the assumption of an inflexible gender binary that goes with it..."
by Some ranter January 30, 2004
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A form of speech that makes it impossible to say anything without offending a minority.
Investigator: And could you describe the suspect for me?
Witness: Yes. The suspect was... with ... and had a really ..... I'd say the suspect's...
Investigator: What?
Witness: You're a government funded investigator. If I say "white" or "black" or "she" or "he" or "short hair" or "large tattoo" or "midget" or "giant" or "medium hieght," you're going to immediately going to call me a racist/sexist/pollitically incorrect person and throw me in jail for three years.
by dragonlordsals July 19, 2004
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Organized Orwellian intolerance and stupidity, disguised as compassionate liberalism.
Political correctness is most well known as an institutional excuse for the harassment and exclusion of people with differing political views.
by Media Bias Web Site February 12, 2004
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See bullshit. Proof that George Orwell was way ahead of his time when he wrote his "1984" novel.
Examples of politically correct bullshit.

midget = vertically challenged
fat = horizontally challenged
perverted = sexually dysfunctional
alive = temporarily metabolically abled
Negro = African American
Indian = Native American
Anyone from Central America, South America, or the Carribean = Hispanic
body odor = nondiscretionary fragrance
dishonese = ethically disoriented
gay = different
wrong = differently logical
dead = living impaired
pregnant = parasitically opressed
fired = laid off
poor = financially inept
homeless = residentially flexible
tall = person of height
garbage-man = sanitation engineer
blind = visually challenged
by AYB April 02, 2003
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An Orwellian fucking nightmare come true where you can't say ANYTHING without offending someone.

The Liberal Media trying to move in and occupy your brain and control you.
You won't be needing freedom of speech as you used to know it or your 2nd amendment right either.Those are now "politically incorrect" forms of thought in the new global economy.
by burn in hell...THIS IS WAR! August 06, 2004
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a group Jedi Mind Trick to get the public to begin adopting Newspeak as their official language.
Doublethink is goodthink. Oldthink is crimethink.
by Shawn E. July 09, 2003
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