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LGBT+ person whom is NEITHER gay, straight, nor bi
I swear to if someone puts a label on me again! I'm biromantic, what's so hard to understand about that?
by suck_my_d33 June 15, 2021
LGBT identity whereas an individual's romantics don't line up w/ their sexual orientation
I'm actually not bi, but cross oriented.
by suck_my_d33 June 29, 2021
any previously identified gay or straight attracted to enbies
Non-ace: I thought I was asexual, but I met these attractive enbies. Now I'm skoliosexual.
by suck_my_d33 June 29, 2021
What people AREN'T if not BOTH exclusively attracted to the opposite gender romantically and sexually
Biphobe mislabeling people "straight" just because of their preferences towards one gender.
by suck_my_d33 June 15, 2021
anyone born w/ sexual characteristics of neither male nor female; NOT a defect
Intersex aren't LGBT, they have their own community. Nonetheless, deserves as much rights as other people do.
by suck_my_d33 June 29, 2021
anyone whom comfortable identifying neither or both male and female:
Third gender-religious identity of hermaphroditic characteristics in between male and female
Bigender-both male and female
Genderfluid-like sexual fluidity but w/gender
Demigender-partially male or female
What real genders are, not the Tumblr irrelevancies.
Guy/girl: Are you a boy or girl?
Enby: No, I'm just me.
by suck_my_d33 June 29, 2021
to maneat
Dahmer that incel.
by suck_my_d33 June 29, 2021