An automatic reply someone/people has/have when they refuse to face consequences for their actions. Used by ignorant/arrogant people that think in communistic ways more than intellectual people that can critically think.
It’s an automatic reply that’s used by people that operate through emotion before they operate through intellect and aren’t cerebral at all.
Used by stalkers that think life is a game and that they have to constantly stay ahead of everyone else.
Inspired by idiotic pop culture.
These people have no shame in being torturous and refuse to acknowledge that any of their actions are torturous or anything collectively done as a society could ever torture anybody— they are perfect at all times and their conscious actions of evil are always “mistakes” so they must always say, “Yes, you” to point the spotlight of scrutiny away from them.
They must gather in groups because it’s easier to get away with evil as long as a group is in accordance with it.
Random person: “You people are all murderers and have to pay for your actions.”
Psychopaths: “Yes, you.”
Random person: “Okay— if I’m a murderer, then why am I not currently in a court getting sentenced?”
Psychopaths: “Yes, you.”
Random person: “I don’t understand what you’re gaining from bothering me. You’re a sadist.”
Psychopaths: “Yes, you.”
by IHateTheUSA May 2, 2021
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Ok, let’s say someone asks you if they can have a samwich. If you don’t feel like making a samwich for them, just tell them that they can. This will give them a false sense of security for about ten seconds until they realize that you have only let them know that they are capable of having a samwich, and are in fact not going to make them a samwich.
Guy sitting at food table: Hey waiter! Can I have some queso?
Waiter: yes you can
Guy sitting at food table: k thanks
Waiter: *walks off, never to be seen again

Guy sitting at food table: *fucking dies
by The Texan Pennsylvanian November 2, 2021
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The combination of no u , yes u, and anti-yes u, which makes the most overpowered comeback in the universe. Whoever says anti-yes you first after yes u was said will end your opponents life.
1: ur mom gay lol
2: No u Yes u Anti-yes you lol
1: wait wha- *dies*
2: don’t fuck with me, bitch
by Screeeeeeeee June 14, 2019
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Something that started on iTunes music reviews, somebody would put the words "Click yes if you agree!" into thier review. It was kind of strange because there was no "yes" button. The term is growing... and i have seen it a couple other places than iTunes. I originally found it in some random review a couple of years ago and like a year and a half later it came out of nowhere.
This band is so awesome!!!!!!!11
Click Yes if you agree!
by RoundDisc October 10, 2008
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what you say when you're pussy-whipped.
"Nigga do my laundry."
"Cook my dinner."
"Give me $100 for my hair."
"Eat this pussy like you should."
"Yes dear, if you want."
by Nick D February 25, 2003
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A catch phrase giving appraisal towards an action or comment. It is commonly used by hoes identifying with other hoes. Yes Boo!
Vivianne: Jimmy dicked me down yesterday!
Jonathan: Yes Boo, You Already Know Boo!!!
by Mr.BooBoo December 18, 2016
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The spare ten words uttered by a cornered and apparently overwhelmed ex-president on the day of his arraignment in New York City on April 4, 2023.
Now in a mode of self-protection, all DJT said was, “not guilty, yes, okay thank you, yes, I do, yes,” and then the handful of weary yet diehard, red-capped supporters went home and wondered who and what they were supporting that day.
by Dr Bunnygirl April 6, 2023
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