An acronym usually taken to stand for Social Justice Warrior. However, the immature, intolerant stupidity of their opinions and the vindictive malevolence with which they pursue those who dare to disagree with them, it should stand for Shitty, Jerk-off Wanker.
The vast majority of Trades Union officials are SJWs.
by AKACroatalin August 07, 2015
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Someone who thinks they are making a change, when really they're just screaming about made up problems like white priviledge.
White male: *exists*
by SweetsAndCyanide May 17, 2018
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Abbreviation for Social Justice Warrior. A person who says is all about equality, but it reality, wants a certain group/groups to be more superior that their enemy, the white, straight, cisgender male.

They are often highly overweight, have dyed hair (usually pink or some other bright color) in strange ass hairstyles, run Tumblr blogs, love being offended and find practically anything offensive, and think that any opinion that opposes their own is a hate crime. They also use "check your privilege" unironically, and would do anything in their power to take you down if you disagree with even the smallest thing that they believe in. Often believe there are over 100 genders and sexualities and would label themselves as several of them on their Tumblr pages even though doing so can contradict one another (i.e. Being binary yet non-binary, being pan yet lesbian, etc.) only to be a special snowflake. In addition to that, would use absurd pronouns (i.e. Xir, Ze, Zim, They, Them, etc.).

Take caution when encountering these whales, especially if you're white, straight, skinny, cis, not disabled, and/or a normal ass human being.
Person: I don't find transgenders attractive-


Person: ....
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by narwhal-corn July 14, 2018
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A SJW or Social Justice Warrior is someone who is so consumed by racism, hatred, and discrimination that they see it in EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE. They are quite literally the scum of the earth. They have no friends outside of other SJWs because to them everyone is a racist, woman hating, gay hating, poor hating, trans hating Bigot. They are the opponents of free speech. A SJW believes that speech should be regulated to only predetermined language. They believe that if someone's uses language outside of their predetermined script they should be jailed for hatred. A world run by SJWs would be very similar to Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy in the sense that anyone truly expressing the freedom of speech would be silenced and jailed. A SJW is so consumed by what they believe is their duty to rid the world of hate and discrimination that they themselves become the very embodiment of both.
Dude: Do you think these SJWs are taking things way too far?
Bro: Definitely, did you see what they do to Milo Yiannopoulos?
Dude: That's what I mean, they stormed the stage or run to the front and scream at him or threaten him with violence.
Bro: The whole SJW movement says they aren't against free speech, they're just against hate speech.
Dude: What's the difference?
Bro: Exactly, free speech protects ALL speech. They are playing a very dangerous game but I think most Americans are sick of their brand of oppression and violence.
Dude: I think so too, the SJW is a dying bread, Americans won't stand for them telling them what they can and can't say any longer. Americans will stand up against their threats of violence. People like Milo are finally taking free speech and tolerance back for the average American.
by RageAgainstTheSystem June 12, 2016
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SJWs are PC people who want to make the world as boring as they are.
A caucasian man wearing dreadlocks is browsing his local record store, minding his own business. A young woman then approaches him.

"What's up?"

"Your dreadlocks are RACIST!"

"Wha- what?!"

"Can it, caucasian male scum!"
by maso128 June 26, 2016
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An over sensitive moron with an 'everything is bigoted' type of mentality.
Guy: "Hey. Like my new dreads?"

An SJW: "Dreadlocks are RACIST!"
by maso128 May 13, 2016
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1. Short for Social Justice Warrior

2. According to MSNBC news, it means Stingy Jew
1. "Excuse me, I sexually identify as a piece of burned toast", said the SJW

2. "That SJW wouldn't give me any money"
by Slightly_Salted_Peanuts May 30, 2017
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