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Reverse Fanboys.
Anime haters are the equally annoying opposite of anime fankids.
Deluded into thinking they are normal, well adjusted people devoid of flaws.

Consider it their duty and right to belittle others under some ridiculous notion of normality. Like these people are suddenly saints. But, they only decide to crusade against people who like Japanese cartoons. Yeah let's not worry about Darfur, or war or terrorists, or bigots or child abuse, yeah you take those cartoon watchers down a fuckin' peg. You paragons of social interaction.

These equally obsessed fools can be seen online blathering about how normal they are and how much of a life they have, simply because they aren't hardcore into anime. They are however, hardcore into trolling the internets looking for fights. Which is totally what well adjusted social dynamos are famous for.

Are known for using stereotypical extremes to justify being douchebags. Judging anime (not movies or magazines) by the worst examples and ignoring the rest (just like fanboys do!)
Lump all anime fans into an convenient to despise group of perverts because it's easy.

Think that spending all their time looking for obsessed people to make fun of isn't at all hypocritical.

Think that being obsessed about Japanese cartoons is a serious issue, despite all the horrible things going on in the world. These idiots think anime viewing is bad. Signs that these "normal" people really have little worries or priorities. Normal people however, have bigger problems. Nobody gives a shit but you haters. The rest of us don't give a crap about what cartoons someone watches. People with lives, girlfriends and jobs who get out of the house wouldn't have time to give a shit.

The only people that give a rat's ass about anime fankids are people who spend all day online or lame ass teens who hate whatever is trendy to hate.

Let's not kid ourselves, anime haters don't give a shit about being normal. They are petty assholes who need to pick on people and anime hating is easy and popular. If these people were as normal as they say they'd be offline living their fabulous lives rather than being online ensuring everyone that they have them.
So let me get this straight, that guy dressed as a cartoon character laughing with his friends makes you so angry that you felt the need to call him a fag? Where on Earth is that "normal"? What is this, junior high?
Why can't you just dislike anime? Why go that extra step and become anime haters? They're just as annoying.
by Lig Na Baste May 17, 2008
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Opposite of the Anime Fanboy. Just as annoying. The other side of the same douchy coin.

Someone who dislikes anime (and more often and importantly, it's fans) to such to a point that "hater" is applied. This usually implies a dislike for something no matter what. Without exception.

Just as anime fankids go on and on about how testicle tickling anime is and why Jesus would have loved it. Anime haters go on and on about why tentacle porn and Dragonball Z with bring about Armageddon and how they totally hate obsessed people that aren't the obsessed people obsessed over the obsessed people obsessed with anime.

More often than not spend a tremendous amount of time online picking fights with anime fans. Then, referring to them as obsessive and/or defensive or, overly sensitive when they fight back. They tend to move beyond the state of simply disliking the format and into a state where they are more concerned with confronting anime fans with said dislike to the point of obsession. It's not enough to not watch anime, the anime. They need to belittle those that do.
Usually resort to petty annoyance tactics and trolling when confronted by an intelligent response or counter argument.

Invariably resort to the same tired set of tactics, responses and examples such as cosplay, tentacle porn and Dragonball Z. As if cherry picking the worst examples is somehow a good way to gauge a whole style of art (not including sub-genres).

You can dislike anime all you want and be a normal person who simply doesn't dig anime. It takes a certain kind of asshole to be considered an anime hater though.
If an anime hater held every format of entertainment by the inconceivable scrutiny they hold anime to, in terms of judging said format by the least of it's peers, these poor people wouldn't do anything at all.
by Lig Na Baste May 17, 2008
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That guy never shuts up about SJWS, and brings them up all the time. Any time someone or something shows even the slightest bit of left leanings (inclusivity, sensitivity, defiance of masculine cliches, awareness of issues that he feels are weak). Being an Anti-SJW, he never realizes that he too is rallying for social justice. His own. Anti-SJWs are social justice warriors that espouse the same justice.
by Lig Na Baste July 17, 2019
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A failed attempt at a Wikipedia parody that is actually a cover for a non-stop bitching and whining fest, in which it's users insult things for simply being popular to give off the illusion of being iconoclastic or edgy.

For every entry that may actually be funny, there are at least five that are simply a twenty year old loser coming up with sentences to fit the word faggotry into while "sticking it" to some sub-culture of people no one in their right minds gives two shits about.

Tips for the budding ED writer:

Believe that the word "lulz" is some magical incantation that successfully shields you from potential scrutiny. Apparently when you do everything that your site condemns, you are no longer a neckbeard basement dweller, obsessed loser if you write for ED and use "I did it for teh lulz" as an opening disclaimer.

Each entry should read like the World's Angriest Mad Lib. Take X (the subject that will garner the most "look at me, I need attention because no one loves me" points) then start with a stupid origin ripped from the previous 500 entries. Swear a lot. Link to no less than 400 other entries, 200 of which should be their lame inside jokes/memes that are somehow less retarded than everyone else's. Annie may! Betty Sue! 100 years ago! *wipes tear* Pure comedy gold.

Basically just copy and past a previous entry, take out the subject key words, add a few "faggotry's" and cock/gay/nigger/Jew/Nazi/rape jokes to it and call it a day. That way, you can rest assured knowing you pissed off some random people for no real reason.

When people get upset, pretend that no one is supposed to take it seriously (at least, not more seriously than you do) and that you know what parody or satire looks like. Also stand by the false assumption that you are funny and that anyone who simply finds the complete reliance on the same five stale jokes lame doesn't have a sense of humor. Also "funny" means biting everyone else's writing style to fit in.

You can be offensive and funny. Comedians do it all the time. However, there is a reason most of the ED writers are on ED. They just aren't funny.
Encyclopedia Dramatica is a nerd-run hate site disguised as a satirical Wikipedia but anyone with a half a brain can see through that paper thin pretense.
by Lig Na Baste May 31, 2008
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1. Traditionally used to describe the final rounds of chess games.

2. Also used to describe the final moments of a dramatic encounter, fight or series of events.

3. In MMORPG. Used to describe the playing done by people who have reached the maximum progression and/or the most advanced content currently available.
"....and now we enter, end game."
- The Simpsons' Principal Seymour Skinner (while hunting down a truant Bart Simpson)
by Lig Na Baste June 09, 2008
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Something retards and trolls say, when they didn't like something they read, really want to argue but, just aren't smart enough to do so.

See also TL;DR
cool story bro is just more obnoxious forum chaff from the crap factory and anon daycare center, that is 4chan.
by Lig Na Baste August 14, 2009
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An extreme fan or follower of a particular medium or concept, whether it be sports, television, film directors, video games (the most common usage), etc.

Known for a complete lack of objectivity in relation to their preferred focus. Usually argue with circular logic that they refuse to acknowledge. Arguments or debates with such are usually futile. Every flaw is spun into semi-virtues and everything else, blown to comedic, complimentary proportions.

Known for using the phrase
"Object of affection = Best Ever"
However, while people only really say that as hyperbole, fanboys truly believe it.

Troll the internet to spread the gospel.

Insult/chastise others for using public forums to express an objective opinion, no matter how constructive or, respectful it may be. (Go ahead and admit that it's a good game/movie/etc. This fact and anything else will be promptly ignored in favor of cherry picking the negative, and beating you over the head with it.

Tend to resort to petty annoyance replies when backed against the wall. Usually grammar attacks and non-replies.
"Final Fantasy VII is the best RPG ever!"
"Ocarina of Time is the best game ever!"
"Linux is the best OS ever!"
"Xbox is the best console ever!"
"Dragonball Z is the best show ever!"

The sad thing is, fanboys don't realize, that these companies that fuel their passion, don't really give a damn about us. To me, defending a multi-national corporation like their your own family, is ridiculous. These organizations don't come to your house and help you when you're sick, they don't help you move, or drive you to the airport. They don't support you in any way. It's a business, not a friendship. As soon as you can no longer buy their product, you disappear to them.
by Lig Na Baste July 10, 2008
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