SJW is an acronym that acts as a placeholder for SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR. It is primarily used to reference an individual or individuals that exhibit extreme or overly emotional behavior in an attempt to sway social, cultural, and/or political policy. It can also be in reference to that individual using methodical and malicious tactics in order to silence or defame those that disagree with their particular ideology. Commonly, someone who is labeled an SJW would also justify this behavior via a feeling that they themselves or the social group they identify with are being victimized by an oppressor.
Those spiteful SJW 's took to Twitter and reported every tweet that they disagreed with, claiming every last one was an act of hate speech.
by TheAncientApatheticSeahorse April 23, 2022
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a word people use as an insult, when they get called out on their prejudice and have no good defense.
"All women are gold-diggers."
"Hey, what's with the generalization?"
"Oh, shut up, no one likes a SJW."
by jennn099 July 5, 2020
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Social justice warrior, someone who fights for the principles of human equality and solidarity.
Jessica really educated me on the concept of white privilege after she got arrested for protesting the gentrification of Harlem. She's a real SJW.
by Lisamakescupcakes April 20, 2011
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Bunch of white girls that complains about everything in Twitter and everything is "hard" to them. They also hate men but they don't realized how they exist.
Sjw: i hate men so much, they must die.

Person: oh a sjw with daddy issue, anyways without men, you aren't exist
by thePowerzed June 26, 2022
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White fat middle-aged people that likes to write fucking meaningless essays while eating Mac Donald's on social media, especially Twitter.
Person 1: "Ayo what are SJWs like?"

Person 2: "Basically 50% of the Americans"
by HorneMonkeThatSpitsFacts December 1, 2021
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I'm an sjw that uses twitter and I think I'm helping the world by none stop complaining and witchhunting everything and everyone. My hair looks like a cut around a bowl and then I tried to cover how bad it looks by dying it an obnoxious color
by YepyEPpyepppYEP November 6, 2020
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SJW AKA "Social Justice Warrior" used to be a positive title but is now more of a thing you would mockingly call someone who isn't actually as great as the title would suggest.

SJW's are usually seen as annoying, Probably white, egotistical, and idiotic people who get offended by every little thing and just absolutely love things like cancel culture using it to try and smite anyone that stands in they're way, until someone way bigger and intelligent then them shuts 'em down.
Haha that SJW is making a big deal out of nothing!
by Kinda_derpy_kinda_nooby July 31, 2021
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