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Social Justice Warrior. An annoying person who tells other people what to do, while hiding behind the false pretense that they are protecting some vulnerable person or group.

Initially, SJWs were just outcasts and freaks who gathered on the tumblr echo chamber to complain about the world. Nowadays, they have been weaponized by activist groups to get people sacked or deplatformed for political reasons. Similar term: useful idiot.
"I arrived at the office and said hello to my black colleague. He greeted me back and we got on with our work. A random SJW saw the 'incident' and told my boss that it was an example of extreme racism, and I got sacked."
by Welsley October 16, 2020
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Proud and fearsome liberal warriors hailing from the ancient ways of Tumblr and BuzzFeed, fighting for the promises of a forever equal and fair society. With their tongues as their swords and their bigotry as their armor, they hunt and readily assault those believing in the evil arts of masculinity and white pride.
Be careful who you open up your conservative views to... Your closest friend may just be amongst the clan of the SJWs.
by ViridianSky August 10, 2019
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An abbreviation for "Social Justice Warrior", a term that once referred to a person who fights for civil rights issues not because they care, but in order to boost their own ego. Has since been commandeered by certain movements and is now typically used to mean "anyone that I disagree with", especially if said person shows any support for feminism or other progressive causes. Has become a way for some reactionary groups to pretend that they're working against some united front of progressives that are secretly controlling everything from review scores to politics, as opposed to a general shift in the public social consensus.
"I don't condone death threats and harassment, but they were being an SJW, so they deserved it."
by xtravisage May 02, 2015
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An over sensitive moron with an 'everything is bigoted' type of mentality.
Guy: "Hey. Like my new dreads?"

An SJW: "Dreadlocks are RACIST!"
by maso128 May 08, 2016
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Social justice warrior, someone who fights for the principles of human equality and solidarity.
Jessica really educated me on the concept of white privilege after she got arrested for protesting the gentrification of Harlem. She's a real SJW.
by Lisamakescupcakes April 19, 2011
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