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moca was the name given to the supreme Greek God of Baddies, he is unheard of because anyone that dare to speak his righteous name was banished to live with Hades in the underworld.

Anyone bearing this name is the pimp master OG of baddies and is only limited by their mortal flesh.
"Damn homeslice, nicole's dawg is straight fiendin' out here with the title of 'moca'. "

"Holy shit bruh, moca keeps hounding me to step off his turf. I better respect the title or prepare for some medieval voodoo shit"

"I gotta skip town asap no rocky, moca just threw up the blood sign. Shit's about to go harder than crocs with socks"
by soonee_hububab June 29, 2019
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Something that comes for free or really cheap.
Word used in Romania, only makes sense in Romanian.
Guy : - Daca e moca, il luam...
Seller: - Numa' ma-ta e moca!
by DannyDaDogg February 09, 2010
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the lovely feeling of being high, used for all sorts of drugs. each drug gives a different moca.

From Portuguese (yeah!)
by pedros May 17, 2006
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An abbreviation for "Man Of a Certain Age".

The phrase originated as the title of a TNT comedy-drama "Men of a Certain Age" from 2010 about three middle-aged men in their late 40's who are about to turn 50.

The abbreviation is mostly used by young gay men to describe an "older" gay man.
His boyfriend is a M.O.C.A.

This bar is good only after 10PM, when the MOCA's leave.
by HowieSnifter May 26, 2014
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