Harlem is a part of Manhattan located ABOVE 125th st. and BELOW 165th st. It has historically been the home of African-Americans and peoples of African decent. Harlem is best known for the jazz, poetry, and art that came out of the Harlem Renaissance. Important figures of Harlem include: Langston Hughes, W.E.B DuBois, Ella Fitzgerald.

Harlem has also been seen as a dangerous place to people who reside below 96th st and really most places outside of Manhattan. Trust me, It's not.
I took the A train to 125th and got off in Harlem. (Duke Ellington's song "A Train" is all about this).
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He is very kind, smart, and is good at basketball.
All the ladies fall for him.
Harlem will help a person in need
by Harlem is golden November 19, 2019
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One of New York City's oldest neighbrohoods. Harlem has history. I mean mad history. Harlem is a famous neighborhood that homed many famous people, and I don't mean these whack-ass rap artists. The layout in Harlem has many pre-war row houses, apartment buildings and many other type of housings. There is also A LOT of famous places in this neighborhood, which varies through restaurants to arts & music to cultural places. Very well known to the famous Apallo Theater. Streets are named after famous people as well, such as 'Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard' and 'Malcolm X Avenue'. Harlem also has neighboring districts such as 'East Harlem, 'Sugar Hill', 'Hamilton Heights', 'Marble Hill' and many others. Neighborhoods near Harlem would be 'Washington Heights', 'Inwood' and the 'Upper East Side'.

However, Harlem was completely ruined by crime after the '40s. Crime went up to a huge %70, but in the past few years the neighborhood has gotten better and crime went down %64 thanks to (former) Mayor Roudolf Guiliani and (present) Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
Harlem is a great place to visit.
by menace2ny April 29, 2006
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Within the burough of Manhatten,from 110th st to 165th st
Harlem is where it's happening.
by pbody June 17, 2008
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African-AmericansVille(the central part at least). Known for it's history of African Americans. Of course other ethnic groups like hispanics and a few whites have been making up residence in this area. Harlem is a very large neighborhood in Manhattan and can be broken up to 3 parts: East Harlem(5th ave and east), Central Harlem(5th ave to St. Nicholas ave), and West Harlem or Hamilton Heights(St. Nicholas and further west) which is basically an extension of Washington Heights as it is predominantly a Dominican area. East Harlem is also predominantly hispanic (mainly Puerto Rican).
Tony: "Are you sure we're in Harlem? I see nothing but hispanics out here."
Hector: "That's because we're in East Harlem."
by neineinein329 July 30, 2012
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The Greatest Collection of Blacks in the Country.
It was further comfirmed today that harlem is 80% Black, while the other 20% are KKK members living underground....
by ItsANotAJoke April 16, 2010
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A ghetto ass neighborhood in Manhattan with sum ghetto (but attractive)hood niggas, project buildings, drug dealers and craxk heads
by BrooklynGirl64 February 22, 2019
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