when your homie says something sus
friend 1: yo u looking mad cute can i give head
friend: 2 ayo wtf
by JULIan KOyy >:D October 26, 2020
Someone who says "AYO" just recently heard a sus or dirty comment.
Friend: I have a big di*k
You: AYO
by ewpersonlmao March 6, 2022
Just calling somebody out if you don't know their name.
Or expressing how dumb that action was.
Or telling people how cool the action or thing you're seeing is.
Ayo! Bring yo bitch ass here!

Ayo cmon dawg. that shit was dumb as fuck

by wowloserluffy September 24, 2020
It means Hey You.
It is mainly used when addressing an individual in any given situation to get his or her attention.
Ayo! What time is it?
Ayo, Can I talk to you for a minute?
by E520 October 22, 2003
Short way of saying "Hey yo" or "heyo"
It is mainly used to call someone, it can also be spelled "Ey Yo".

Ashley: Ayo Jeffrey , pass me the sandwich

Jeffrey: On it
by SlangDefinitions.co June 1, 2021
Just before Christmas 2019, people started commenting the word 'Ayo' on music videos on YouTube. Within one day, Drake's music video for 'War' had already about 120k people writing 'Ayo' in the comment section.

But it started on the 23rd of December 2019, when Tyler, The Creator dropped two songs on YouTube, 'GROUP B' and 'BEST INTEREST'. Tyler starts the song 'GROUP B' with "Ayo", a word which some fans know Tyler for saying in other songs like 'OKRA'. They then started commenting this and it quickly spread throughout YouTube's comment sections.
Why are people spamming 'Ayo'?

by Cobrus December 24, 2019