Suffix that can be applied to any noun to signify "it" is deeply hated by the speaker. The most effective use of "must die" lies in the modification of a person's name. Repeated use can impact complete restructuring of a person's identity.
1) "What, your platonic male acquaintance climbed into your bed while you slept and put his gross fat hand on you? Ok that's it: John must die."

2) "Hey you see that guy across the street in the blue cardigan? That's my neighbour Steve-Must-Die. You know, the one who says he's a DJ?"
by misscatfrommtl September 25, 2006
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The one line Ganon from the Zelda cdi is infamous for saying.
Ganon: You dare bring light to my lair! YOU MUST DIE!
by Oyashiro-san November 12, 2010
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You get a nice girl to play a guy who hurt you while you laugh at him behind his back with your friends so you can give him a taste of his own medicine
We have to john tucker must die Josh he's such a fuckboy for doing you wrong girl let's show him how it feels!
by badgalrari June 5, 2017
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A really low budget Troma film.
This is what's on the back of the DVD Sleeve, confirming how shitty the movie is;
When the grandson of a gun wielding woman is murdered by neo-nazi surf punks in the post-apocalyptic future, this grandma hunts them down for some bloodthirsty revenge.

It is funny in the sense that you can laugh at the poor stunts and random sex scene.
by Rad_ August 21, 2005
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An awesome and funny as fuck DJ and Producer. Also the rat lord
Person 1: Yo did you go to that MUST DIE! show last week?
Person 2: Yes it was absolutely awesome and energetic as fuck
by violetisawake November 25, 2021
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when something ridiculously retarded occurs and the word must be said
someone: i didn't do homework
teacher: now you must die
by Addion August 30, 2017
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