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White people who like to convince their Instagram followers that they care about social issues by posting infographics and shocking headlines, but when it comes to real life they will happily be racist and be a terrible person in general. Also known as SJW's ,not to be confused with activists
So she posted about mental health then bullied someone in real life ? damn what a social justice warrior.
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by zTeller.x February 11, 2021
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Someone who gets so easily offended by everything and anything, no matter how big or small, of how real or fake something is. They will do it to give their miserable lives that good feeling of justice and morals.
Ugh I heard this show got cancelled because the CEOs were social justice warriors
by No_Quarter_for_them February 08, 2021
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This term no longer means what it actually means. Social Justice can range from anything from men not working in kitchens to being racist towards white people in classrooms to "avenge African-Americans."
A Social Justice Warrior is just a serial killer who is one or two ticks away from being institutionalized.
by SeriousManMan December 28, 2017
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A nihilistic group of extreme air heads who beg for a fascist system of government that will adhere to their foolish proven to fail delusions. They fall into the same out come benefits on society- "The benefits of drug addiction " "The benefits of cancer" "The benefits of jealousy" "The benefits of naivety" The benefits of car wrecks" "The benefits of syphilis" "The benefits of murder" " The benefits of being eaten by a rabid elephant" " The benefits of hell fire"
"The benefits of drowning" "The benefits of radiation fallout poisoning" "The benefits of a stroke" The benefits of low IQ" etc.......
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A secret cult that the government doesn't want us to know about.
Guy : ... don't tell anyone else but social justice warriors are just in a cult that the government is hiding from us.
Obama : we got a tango in Chinatown copy.
by Obama's 2 dad January 09, 2019
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To simplify things, a Social Justice Warrior, or SJW, are often thought to ruin everyone's fun and free speech. They force censorship, blame crap on gamers, and other things of this nature. The SJW anthem explains this.
P.S: They're known for getting triggered.
Casual guy: I don't think the mass-shooting simulator is bad-
social justice warrior: I'M TRIGGERED!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!11!one
by [PRIVATE] June 14, 2016
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